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What your hair says about you

Your hair is the first thing we notice when people see you, then your shoe. Your natural hair will only tell your story, whether black or white, and it is determined by genes and the environment.

In this article, however, you’ll see what your hair says about personality and it basically comes down to your hairstyle, length, and color. The fun part is that you can change the personality of your hair anytime you want depending on what you’re “vibrating” at right now.

It is important to know that there are four types of hair:
Type 1- Straight hair. You have straight hair if it falls flat from root to tip. It is the most common type of hair in the world.

Type 2 is wavy hair which usually falls between straight and curly hair.

Type 3 is curly hair, and if your hair strand has an “S” pattern, straight, wavy and dry at the crown, middle and ends, respectively.

Type 4 hair is coiled hair that follows a “Z” pattern. This is usually the type that most black women have. It is frizzy, very fragile, and also the driest type of hair. People believe that type 4 hair doesn’t grow long, but that’s not true, it just needs more care and maintenance due to its brittle and easy-to-break nature.

The way you style your hair says a lot about you.
A side parting can mean that you are caring and that you will likely be a good listener. You are accessible and your comments are taken seriously in a room because you are honest and reliable.

When you wear a weave, you show confidence at its peak. You are free-spirited and playful. You are also a social person and easily make new friends.

If you adorn a high ponytail, you are energetic and sporty. While this isn’t exactly an official look, you bring a room to life. It beats the age out of you, making you look younger. You are coordinated and an excellent time manager.

Up to the length of your hair. The length of your hair usually draws attention to you and long hair on you will mean that you want to look attractive and you will. It can also show that you are smart, articulate, and making smart decisions. You like to help and have a weakness for making a difference in your company. When you cut it short, it says you are artistic. When it’s average, you make sense.

A long bob length gives you the convenience of short hair while still achieving a length that is long enough to style. You like speed and precision and definitely don’t like stress. A short bob, on the other hand, looks more professional in an office. You are a goalscorer and a risk taker.

What the colors say about you
The colors radiate the beauty of your hair and it is exciting to blend among the different colors. Here’s what some popular colors say about your personality.

Blonde shows that you are friendly and open to people, and that you are definitely not shy because you stand out from the crowd. You want the attention you will get on a blonde since you are an extrovert.

With black some say it’s just hair, yes, but for black women it’s more. It symbolizes freedom and peace. You are independent and you act with class. You feel empowered with which you speak with great wisdom and conviction.

Red-haired women are passionate and gentle. You are a devoted leader, lover and friend.

Other colors like purple, blue, pink, green show that you are creative and free-spirited. Your emotions are more like a roller coaster and you find beauty in everything.

Now that you have this information, develop a new love for your hair, explore, and live your best life.

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