“We love dogs better than people,” says forward pet stylist Groom Expo West in Pasadena

Dog groomers are meeting this weekend at Groom Expo West in Pasadena, where they can compete, take expert lessons, and visit the trade show for all things animal styling and creative grooming.

Teri DiMarino is one of the guest speakers and judges who will be attending the event. The pet stylist told KCRW: “The dog needs to have the right coat and the right condition. You also have to be patient and most are. … and the groomer needs to know the right products to use.

DiMarino likens the grooming process to going to the spa – doggies get their fur dyed or added hair extensions, all with specialist care.

This poodle receives wings and fur in the colors of the rainbow. Courtesy of Teri DiMarino.

This dog is designed to reflect different animals. Courtesy of Wildlife Photography.

When it comes to show competition, there are many factors that go into the scores that DiMarino and his fellow judges distribute. “We don’t judge the dog’s physique. We judge the work of the groomers. And we take a comb for this … and we make sure the scissor work is perfect [and that] the work of the mower is correct.

“Dog groomers groom dogs because we like dogs better than humans,” says DiMarino. “We’re sort of walking towards a different drummer. And we groomers love working with dogs and cats. Let’s not forget the cats. Grooming cats is also an important thing. So we love working with animals. There are no two ways about it.

Dog groomers walk on a different drum and prefer dogs to humans, according to Teri DiMarino. Courtesy of Wildlife Photography

“Let’s not forget the cats. Grooming cats is also important, ”says Teri DiMarino. Courtesy of Wildlife Photography

DiMarino grooms pets, including his own Jagger and Kona dogs, sometimes more reasonably for everyday style. Courtesy of Teri DiMarino.

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