TV actress Ashnoor Kaur uses super effective homemade oil blend for her long hair

TV actress Ashnoor Kaur’s hair care regimen


  • Ashnoor Kaur revealed the secret to her shoulder-length hair
  • In an exclusive interview, the actress revealed: “I mix coconut, almond, castor, olive oil together”

Do you dream of having thick and long hair? For some women, long hair grows out, while others have to fit in with many hair care regimens. But if you follow TV actress Ashnoor Kaur’s homemade mix, you will really have long, beautiful hair like her. The remedy used by the young actress is profitable but requires your willpower to follow it.

In an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, Ashnoor has revealed the secret of her long hair.

“Long hair is in my genes because I come from a Sikh family. My mother has always been special about my hair. She took care of my hair. Oil is essential every other day. Keep your hair clean. . Use protectors before heat styling. Reduce heat products on your hair as much as possible. Continue to pamper yourself with natural remedies. I apply curdled milk, egg white and curd mask every week and I use two or three oils together. I don’t use regular oil. I mix coconut, almond, castor, olive oil together. I make a nice mixture and I apply. It is what I do, ”she said.

A few days ago the Babes Patiala actress Ashnoor Kaur spent her day being pampered and visited a salon for a makeover. Ashnoor took to her Instagram account to share her before and after look as she dyed her long braids. Keeping her wavy hair intact, Ashnoor went for a brown shade. She wrote a loving caption. that said, “Give me your number so I can call you.”

Fans immediately took to the comments section to praise Ashnoor’s new look. One user commented, “Wow your hair” while others rained love emojis.

Ashnoor made her acting debut with Jhansi Ki Rani. She also has her own YouTube channel where she blogs, shares beauty tips and more. Once, she even posted her mother’s oil recipe, which helps in the growth of her hair. For her waist-deep hair, Ashoor’s mom blends 4 different premium hair oils that stimulate hair growth and add shine to Ashnoor’s hair.

The actress has around 7.7 million followers on social media and is a frequent eye-catcher for her posts. If you take a look at her Instagram account, you’ll find that fans are always impressed with Ashnoor’s clothing choices and often take style notes from the young actress. Whether it’s wearing Indian clothes or looking trendy in western outfits, Ashnoor never fails to make an impression.

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