Top hair color trends for this holiday season

Improve your fashion quotient with this Durga Puja by adding a touch of color to your hair

Durga Puja is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready for the celebrations ahead. Along with your clothes and makeup, hairstyle is just as important to achieving that perfect look. And if you are thinking of changing your hair color, now is the perfect time. Here are some style tips and tricks that will help you stand out in the crowd. Continue reading …


Chocolate Balayage: This color blends in with your hair, if you go for a more natural look.

Sunny highlights: Try a light brown color with warm blonde highlights to achieve that perfect sunny look.

Sand sweep: The hair color trend for the holiday season is all about adding a touch to your usual look. Sandy sweep is a great way to refresh your style and get that Puja vibe.

Mocha shade: Those who haven’t tried the hair color yet should be dark at the roots, medium light in the middle, and the ends should be a brighter color.

Crazy pieces: Just a few brightly colored strands, peeping from below near the neck, can create magic.

Bright red: Those who want to experiment and stand out in the crowd can opt for the color red. It looks amazing.

“Red is my favorite color and this time I wanted to try something pretty and different”

parno (red hair) ONLINE

“I colored my hair red for a project and I’m happy people are liking my new look. It’s kind of a red alert before Durga Puja, right? All kidding aside, red is my favorite color and this time I wanted to try something cool and different. I take great care of my hair after coloring. I go to the salon for a hair spa twice a month and wash my hair with color-guard shampoo every other day. Also, I didn’t color my hair from the roots so that’s a plus point.

Parno mittra, actress


  • Go for a haircut that suits your personality, hair type, and facial structure. Don’t follow trends blindly
  • The haircut for the season is made up of different types of layers to complement with the balayage
  • The long to medium bob is recommended for people with medium-length hair who want easy maintenance
  • For men, it’s very short on the sides with an undercut


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After-color service, shampoo and color protective conditioner are a must to prevent the color from flowing as there is a lot of moisture in the air at this time

Hair spa is recommended once a month to keep your hair hydrated and nourished

Use sulfate and paraben free products for better hair texture

Shampoo your hair twice a week for a clean scalp and to avoid grease. Always rinse your hair with cold water

To soften your hair after coloring, apply a hair wrap made from banana or papaya mixed with honey and sour milk. Keep it on for half an hour and wash it off with shampoo.

It will nourish and soften your hair

Heena Alam and
Md Toushique Alam, hairdressing experts

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