TikTok celibacy is a thing right now and do they have a point?

In the era of the panny-d, finding that special someone certainly hasn’t been easier. But never fear – everyone’s favorite mobile app slash dark void to sink into for four hours a day has a solution. And no, it’s not a good Tinder or Hinge hack or even a self-help guide to making you look sexier or whatever those gurus are talking about these days. It’s just old celibacy – just like it used to be! (?)

Essentially, celibacy is the practice of not engaging in any form of sexual intercourse. Most of the time, it can be for religious reasons, but the justifications can also be personal. According to the ABC, a 2014 study found that 87% of Australians think premarital sex is okay, meaning 13% prefer to wait until they’ve said ‘yes’.

Whatever your thoughts on being single, there seems to be some sort of cultural shift towards less sex. Even before COVID hit our shores, an ABC Australia Talks survey of 50,000 people found that Millennials were having half as much sex as their parents (uh, ew?) and 18-24 year olds were comparable to over 75s. age group in their reluctance to “indulge” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Over the past year, single TikTok has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Every day, users log in to discover the vast number of reasons why young people are choosing this way of life. These include clarity of mind, the pursuit of self-love and self-esteem, waiting for the right person, and a “redirection of time and energy”.


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♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

Another user, whose TikTok has been viewed over half a million times, captioned his upload “me after choosing celibacy and not allowing a man to invade my peace and body for over 8 months”.


So everything is fine ????????‍♀️ #celibacy #celibacygang #FerragamoLetsDance #thisopportunity

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This upcoming TikToker shares their experience of being single while using hashtags to imply that their decision was made because of their demisexuality. Web MD defines a demisexual person as someone who “will only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional connection to that person. They can be gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and can have any gender identity.


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This TikToker describes the process of retraining their brains to choose “yourself” over hookup culture, implying that these two things can only be mutually exclusive.


What started me on my celibacy journey #nofap #livingwithintention #celibacy #myjourney #myexperience

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A final example is how the TikToker entered celibacy as a joke, then one day *BAM* – it became a way of life.


#celibacy #RefundGlowUp #fypsounds

♬ obviously not a joke – Tik Toker

Honestly, do yourself a favor and have fun in TikTok’s #celibacy corner. To say the least, it’s illuminating. At worst, you’ll find that a Hot Girl Summer™ lifestyle is actually for you.

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