This is Debby Ryan’s worst haircut, according to fans

Snippets from Debby Ryan’s days on the Disney Channel explode on TikTok, but the star is more than just these admittedly scary performances. For example, what was her worst hairstyle according to fans?

Before we talk about her appearance, let’s take a look at her career.

Debby is married to musician Josh Dun of Twenty-one pilots. However, they made sure that no one knew about their big day.

Ryan’s acting career began long before her lead role in Disney’s Jessie. She started working in professional theaters at the age of seven before being taken over by a Disney talent scout. She then landed roles in Life on the bridge as Bailey Pickett then as Abby Jensen in the movie 16 wishes, everything before Jessie even saw the light of day in 2011.

Musical talent

Debby is actually a triple threat: she acts, sings and dances. Before his Disney career took off, Ryan performed with a hip-hop dance team at Six Flags theme parks and various shopping malls across the United States.

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While the viral videos on Ryan may cast many doubts on her onscreen presence, there’s no denying that she’s an offscreen powerhouse.

Debby made history as Disney’s youngest independent director at the age of 20, directing four episodes of her hit series Jessie. Debby was also a co-producer of 53 episodes and a 20-episode solo producer of the classic Disney show.

In addition to her on-screen music, she has performed on the soundtrack of over 100 episodes of Jessie and his other original Disney films Rebel radio and 16 wishes, as good as The Suite Life on Deck, The Search for Santa Paws, A Christmas Kiss, Austin & Ally, and The haunted hour, all before turning 25.

Aspired to launch his own fashion line

In 2012, Ryan announced that in addition to movies, music and TV production, she was launching her own fashion line. The project was due to be launched in 2013. Unfortunately, her dreams never came true and her clothes never went on sale. Nonetheless, she has become a fashion icon.

As proof, she participated in New York Fashion Week and created fashion guides with HollyWire, The Hollywood Reporter, Associated Press and W Magazine.

Mullet haircut

When Debby Ryan got a mullet haircut in November 2020, not all fans loved it. The bold hairstyle has been a staple for many celebrities, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Kristen Stewart.

Rihanna showed off a refreshing new take on the polarizing haircut, and unsurprisingly, she pulled it off. However, this is not the singer’s first mule. Businesswoman Fenty Beauty rocked it in 2013 with shorter, choppier bangs and a longer tail. Her latest cut was simply a 2020 update to the bold hairstyle.

In contrast, Miley Cyrus has rocked this look many times in her life to the point that some say it’s in her genes. She showed off the shaggy cut at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards during her performance of Midnight sky. Like Miley, Kristen Stewart is no stranger to the mule either. The actress rocked one for her role as Joan Jett in the film The runaways.

The style reappeared on The Twilight Saga: New Moon carpet, and more recently, she went for a lightly shaded mullet right before the 2018 Oscars.

In Debby Ryan’s case, some fans believe she shouldn’t have joined the shaggy haircut club. Many seem to agree that she looks prettier with her long red braids in soft cascading curls. Fans are used to seeing Ryan’s long wavy hair and prefer this style. Still, as long as she feels comfortable with her haircut, people should respect her. Debby’s beauty goes beyond her hair.

Formed his own group

Ryan also formed a group of six members, The endless, in 2013. She is a songwriter and singer for the group which released several songs in the indie-folk category. The group was headlining a tour in 2014, but, in particular, traveled in the first part for Fifth Harmony Reflection Tour.

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As part of a campaign against domestic violence

Ryan ventured into social issues in 2015 when she joined Mary Kay Cosmetics’ # Don’tLookAway campaign, an anti-domestic violence movement to raise awareness about abusive relationships. Ryan has said in several press interviews that she suffered emotional and mental abuse early in her career. For this reason, she has used her social media to get the message across that this is not acceptable.

Debby encourages young women across the country and even around the world to stand up for what is right and not give in to things they are not happy with.

On top of that, Ryan started a production company in 2012 called Shadowborn Productions with his mother Sandy Popp Ryan. The company produces music videos for Disney and Atlantic Records, as well as short films and documentaries like The endless, Father Christmas, and Jessica Darling’s List. This is one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors, and it’s clear his career was more than on-screen achievements.

Her looks aside, Debby Ryan is an inspiring and beautiful soul who makes the world a better place.

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