The worst haircut fails on TikTok that left women in tears

A visit to the salon can be especially stressful when trying out a new hairstyle.

The daunting experience can often make people nervous, whether they’re arriving for a quick cut or a longer spa-like treatment.

And, if TikTok is to be believed, it turns out that many people have ended up with hilarious haircuts.

From regrettable bangs to badly faded layers, these are the haircut mishaps people have ended up with.

Celebrity-inspired fit

Angelina, from California in the US, hoped her visit to the £15 salon would leave her with a haircut to match pop sensation Selena Gomez.

Angelina got a £15 cut and asked for a ‘Selena Gomez’ look but the hairstylist failed to deliver

She posted on TikTok to show what she wanted to achieve – the singer’s neck-length hairstyle with a center part that has slight curls at the bottom.

But what she ended up getting was an uneven cut in three different lengths on large sections.

“I cried in my car for a few minutes after trying to laugh it off,” she wrote. “I still tipped the hairdresser because I felt bad.

“Don’t pay $20 for a ‘trim’.”

Bleach Fail

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An American from Houston says her hairstylist ‘ruined her hair’ and she was mortified after having a touch-up at the roots.

Tina wanted to bleach her hair again to cover the dark locks on top, but the bleach turned her hair to a brassy color.

Showing the result of her “hair failure”, her waist-length tresses were cut to an awkward length. It’s fair to say that Tina didn’t look happy in the photo when the hairstylist walked past a mirror to show what the cut looked like.

Tina was horrified when the bleach went bad and her hair came loose every time she brushed it
Tina was horrified when the bleach went bad and her hair came loose every time she brushed it

“My hair has melted away at this length and every time I brush it or shower it keeps falling out,” she commented.

“I was having quite a panic attack, it was traumatic. I emphasized how much I wanted to keep as much length and hair as possible.”

‘One step too far’ bob

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A TikToker was left in tears when hairstylists went “a bit too far” – cutting her hair so short she couldn’t style it without using hairspray.

Sharon wanted to get her shoulder length bob “trimmed” with choppy layers to give a smashed shape for a chic look.

Sharon cried when her hairdresser cut too short and turned her cut into a
Sharon cried when her hairstylist’s cut was too short and turned her cut into a ‘very textured bob’

Although she gave the hairdresser her “budding” look, the hairdresser cut her hair too short and it ended up looking “heavily textured”.

Viewers said the nightmarish result would depress them if they got the same results as Sharon.

Cup “Karen”

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Beauty maintenance is expensive, but one woman had a shock at the cost of her new look that made her look like a “Karen”.

Carly splurged $300 (£217) at a salon for a full head and haircut and the cruel reality hit her as she got into her car.

“I look like I’m part of the PTA (parent-teacher association),” she said, referring to her “Karen” hairstyle.

Carly joked she looked like a 'Karen' after getting a £215 haircut
Carly joked she looked like a ‘Karen’ after getting a £215 haircut

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“I swear I don’t drive a fucking minivan. I look like I have three sons who play fucking T-ball.

“I look like I collect coupons, oh my god, I don’t collect coupons.”

The term “Karen” has become a popular meme in recent years to refer to a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits certain patterns of behavior that stem from privilege.

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