The new local salon offers a one-stop shop for a variety of services; owners give back to the community

GG’s, a new locally owned salon, hopes to be the one stop shop for a wide variety of cosmetic and hair services.

“I wanted to create an environment where it didn’t matter what service you needed in the beauty industry – whether you were male, female, old, young, no matter who you were, what your hair texture was, or anything else,” owner Steph Boling said.

Boling has worked in the beauty industry since graduating from cosmetology school in 2005, but opened her dream business in February.

GG’s can provide everything from traditional barbering, fades and custom wigs to eyelashes, eyebrows, permanent makeup and permanent hairlines, as well as men’s weaves and facials. She also just hired a nail technician.

“We pride ourselves on our menu being very diverse. Maybe your son has highlights, so I’m going to re-twist your son’s hair while you do a manicure,” Boling said. “We are all busy people and often don’t have time to do everything individually, so I created a place where everyone is welcome and where we can do everything in one place.”

A company that offers such a variety of services needs the help of more than one person. So Boling said she owed it all to her staff.

“It’s important to me to make sure my team always feels encouraged, empowered and like they’re part of the family,” Boling said. “It’s my life’s dream. It’s all I’ve worked for all these years, so if I didn’t have the people with me to help me build it, it wouldn’t be anything. It would just be an empty building.

Aside from her career in the beauty industry, Boling is also a youth minister at Mount Calvary Baptist Church, which she incorporates into her business in several ways.

“Every shirt we sell goes back into the community for food ministries and things like that,” Boling said. “I called two other friends who own hair salons and we will soon be closing my shop for a while, getting together and cutting hair for some of the local homes that house children without families.”

Boling said she hopes to continue to expand the services she offers and is looking to find a massage therapist for rehabilitation massages.

“I have so many clients who work in factories or play sports and they need more than a massage therapy,” Boling said. “Again, why go anywhere else when you could do it here?”

For more information or to make an appointment, visit their Facebook page.

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