The mule competition attracts all ages

(NewsNation Now) – When you hear the phrase “Business up front, party in the back,” what comes to your mind? If it’s not a mullet hairstyle, you need to catch up with your crop. The mullet has been a popular way for men to style their hair for decades, especially in the South and anywhere where a fishing rod is always on hand and radio presets have more country stations than any other. thing.

The mule is far from a modern invention, however. According to, “Homer even described a haircut that looks strangely familiar in The Iliad: ‘their toupees cut, long hair in the back.’ The Greeks weren’t the only ones sporting the mule, however. There is some evidence that Neanderthals and our earliest ancestors would also wear this ‘do’.

The mule has abundant value to anyone who works outdoors. If you’ve ever had a sunburn on the back of your neck, you know how good it would be to have something to shade that area. Sunscreen sweats too easily and a hat worn inside out will reduce your apparent IQ by a good 40 points.

Before you look up at mule carriers, note the fact that David Bowie wore an unmistakable mule as Ziggy Stardust, Paul McCartney wore one both in the later Beatles years and when he faced off against Wings, and Mel Gibson combined mad cop with a sleek mule in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mules have come back into fashion since barber shops closed and the best that many parents could handle without training was a quick cut of bangs and sideburns. The mules got longer and prouder than the guitar solo in a Skynyrd song.

Since humans are a competitive bunch, it was inevitable that someone would come up with a competition to determine who had the best mullet of them all. There have been a lot of versions of “local bar,” but thanks to the internet and social media, Mullet Champ is attracting competition from across the country. There are even divisions for children and adolescents for the youngest whose parents are sufficiently enlightened to allow them follicular freedom.

There are three age groups in the kid mule competition: small mules, mules and adults. While the adult mule prizes have already been awarded, voting for children is still ongoing via the usual point / click / vote procedure. We’ve included a slideshow of some of the more notable candidates below, but you’ll need to visit the site if you want to vote.

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