The Fringe lounge increases its space and staff



The Fringe Hair Salon in Mesquite will celebrate its first full year of operation on August 20. And since opening last year, it has already exceeded expectations. So much so that the owners of Fringe, Karen Lambert and Danielle Serna, are already planning to start expanding the salon. And to fill that gap, they hired four new staff.

Lambert and Serna are excited about the expansion. “We didn’t think it would come so quickly! Lambert said “We have to thank the people of Mesquite for their patronage in that we have gone beyond our space. We are so thankful for this.

The salon is now 1,500 square feet and will add another 1,000 square feet in the expansion. The addition will allow the salon to have a new beautician room, four new styling stations and four new manicure stations. The renovation will be done by a retired contractor who is a friend of theirs.

Shayla Ortiz is the new Master Esthetician at Fringe. She previously worked in the medical field, but decided to take a nine-month, 1,200-hour master esthetician course and change careers.

Ortiz says she enjoys this kind of work much better than her previous career. “I am so excited about the remodel,” she said. “I can do spray tan and Dermaplaning. It’s a fun atmosphere here. Customers just come for a chat, even when it’s not their day.

Tori Goodsell went from The View to Fringe. She combs her hair and manicures her nails. She specializes in color and style cuts. She also does pedicures, manicures and gel polishes.

“I have been playing hairdressing since the day I was born,” Goodsell said. “I used to pretend to do eyebrow wax on my mom with sticks. This is what I have always wanted to do. This living room has such a pleasant environment to work.

Goodsell is also heavily involved with her family. When not at work, she often attends her 13-year-old brother’s baseball games.

Manicurist Shawntay Martinez also does pedicures and acrylic nails. She came to the Fringe salon because she knew Danielle.

“I love working here because it’s such a happy place,” Martinez said. “I see my former clients from Casablanca where I worked. I like to do my own schedule so I have time to spend with my 8 year old son.

Marci DeHaan will start working at the Fringe Salon on August 3. She has 20 years of experience as a stylist. Marci said she likes to cut men’s hair and women’s short hair.

“I’ve been hanging out in my mother-in-law’s living room since I was a kid,” DeHaan said. “It is therefore quite natural that I chose the profession. “

DeHaan went on to say that she was looking forward to living and working in Mesquite. She is from Salt Lake City and will appreciate the warmer winter and less traffic.
“This expansion wouldn’t be possible without the girls who work here,” said co-owner Danielle Serna.

“They all work hard and come together; it is all the staff who make the store successful and happy. “

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