The best straighteners for straight and shiny hair

If you want to go from wavy or curly hair to straight and straight, using a good straightener is one of the most effective ways to do it. But if you also want to reduce heat damage to your strands or find one that ticks the box for versatility, mobility, or affordability, choosing one might not be that simple. As someone who considers flat irons an integral part of my hair care routine, I have tried and tested a lot before finding the best one for my hair type.

But let’s get something straight (pun intended): A hair straightener should always be used with a heat protectant spray to keep your hair healthy – it gives off pretty intense heat, after all. Below, you’ll find great options from top brands like Dyson, T3, Drybar and more to make your hair smooth and shiny, according to reviews.

Best cordless hair straightener

Every flat iron on our list will straighten your hair, but it’s the only one that features flexible copper plates that move with your hair, allowing you to create the styles you love with less heat and damage, all without being tied to a socket. Of course, this revolutionary straightening tool comes with a hefty price tag. But given its bells and whistles, including intelligent heat control that automatically adjusts the temperature to your hair type and an auto shut-off feature that kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity, it’s worth every penny. .

Best straightener for curly hair

As someone who religiously uses this styling tool, I can support several claims: Critics call it a “good investment” and “one of the best on the market”, saying “it will last for years” (trust me , I have had mine for several). Unlike conventional flat irons, it features titanium plates that heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making smooth, silky hair that much easier to achieve. And with five-inch plates, you can straighten wider sections of hair at a time to cut your styling time in half. The best part? It works well on thick, naturally curly textures. “I have very thick, wavy and unruly hair and drying and straightening my hair is a huge task. This flat iron is so efficient that I don’t need to maximize the heat for it to do its job. able to do quick sweeps of my hair [like] my stylist does, and it comes out beautifully, ”says one reviewer.

Best flat iron for curling hair

You will get the most personalized styling experience with this T3 flat iron. The device uses the brand’s innovative technology to intelligently adjust the heat for optimal results depending on the texture, length and color of your hair. The device oscillates between nine different heat settings to avoid overexposing the wicks to unnecessary heat and damaging them. And since it has a beveled edge, you can also use the multipurpose tool to create beautiful curls and waves.

Best straightener for fine hair

Ghd’s best-selling flat iron features a triangle hinge that provides better styling control, a preset temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit (the healthiest temperature for optimal styling) and floating plates that evenly distribute hair. heat in the hair. While it may not be the most durable styling tool according to reviews, it has a handy feature that automatically turns it off after 30 minutes, which can help improve its lifespan and give you a additional peace of mind.

Best straightener for short hair

If you’ve ever tried straightening, curling, or flipping super short hair, then you know it’s a job best left to the thinnest styling tools. Step into Chi’s Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Styling Iron, which features 1/2 inch titanium plates that heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and polish strands with every pass. Reviewers also point out that this tool is incredibly easy to use. “It gives me a soft, easy wave that looks natural and is small enough to get closer to the scalp for [a] good lift, ”says one reviewer.

Best compact hair straightener

Whether you are pressed for space or time, the Drybar Mini Flat Iron will come in handy. The compact styling tool comes with a heat protection pad that doubles as a travel pouch small enough to fit into tote bags and gym bags. And with titanium plates that heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in under a minute, it’s great for quickly touching up your roots and smoothing out flyaways. Disclaimer: The outside of this tool gets very hot (I learned the hard way), so be sure to hold it at the base when styling your strands.

Hair straighteners at the best price-performance ratio

This Amazon bestseller has over 50,000 five-star ratings and is known for delivering professional quality results at an affordable price. Although it costs less than $ 50, the HSI Professional Glider has similar features as more expensive options, including tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that evenly distribute heat throughout the hair, an adjustable temperature of up to 450 degrees. and floating edge plates to give you the freedom to straighten, curl or flip your hair.

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