The best Bachelor and Bachelorette transformations of all time

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Matt Agnew

Astrophysicist and former Bachelor Matt Agnew is a far cry from his clean shaven days, as in Sydney’s last lockdown he opted to grow his hair and beard out.

He recently debuted his new look by posting a photo of his long, slicked back bun, paired with a full beard, and said: “Tell me you’re locked out, without telling me you’re in. lockout “.

But with the gradual easing of restrictions in Sydney, will Matt keep his new look? Or will he cut his shoulder length hair and ditch the beard as well? We’ll just have to wait and see!

ciarran stott bachelorette before after

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Ciarran stott

When we first met Ciarran Stott during Angie Kent’s season The bachelorette, he had a blonde hair and lots of tattoos.

While the tattoos are still there (obviously), Ciarran’s hair has had quite a transformation since his reality TV days, including his most recent stint on Baccalaureate In Paradise.

The 27-year-old took to TikTok to reveal some bold news, where he opted for a fully shaved cut.

He has also played around with vibrant colors with his hair, including hot pink and most recently a platinum blonde look.

abbie chatfield single before after

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Abbie chatfield

They were its main feature on The single person, and Abbie Chatfield’s natural curls are still there, although she occasionally throws a new look every now and then.

During confinement, the Bachelor the star dyed her locks red, before turning blonde again and cutting bangs.

And, with her straight hair and a little lighter than her Baccalaureate in paradise days, Abbie can achieve a total transformation in no time.

brittany hockley single before after

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Brittany Hockley

Brittany Hockley stepped in The single person mansion with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair, but she continued to transform after the show.

After a passage on Baccalaureate in paradise, she has since changed her look a lot and recently took to Instagram to share a clip from her latest makeover.

“I spent a year going from black to blonde because of the #crisis (we’ve all been there). Then I followed a few months of serious neglect and ended up with a half mullet short, tanned, limp. I only have myself to blame, “she said.

Britt now wears dirty blonde braids and matching hair extensions.

Timm Hanly before after

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Timm hanly

You might spot him a mile away with his unruly long, curly hair, but Timm Hanly looks to worlds far from his. Bachelorette and Baccalaureate In Paradise days.

Nowadays, Timm cradles a mule, which he cut himself during confinement.

In a series of videos shared on his Instagram Stories, Timm proudly showed off his new hairstyle and simply wrote: “Work from home”.

keira maguire before after

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Keira Maguire

Keira Maguire, who starred in both The single person and Baccalaureate In Paradise, has had a makeover since its first foray into reality TV.

Arguably best known for her platinum blonde locks, Keira looks quite different these days as she sports long honey blonde hair.

She showed off her new look for the first time in February, after experimenting with new hairstyles since her appearance on reality TV.

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