The barbers and stylists behind the coolest cuts and braids in the NBA

Basketball is often used as a form of self-expression. There are no shields or helmets like other sports, so each team is raised for the world to see.

Jules Gutierrez has been cutting Jayson Tatum’s hair since he was little. Asked about the importance of hair and the league, he explains, “The job of a barber can have a big influence on someone’s confidence and style.

He explained, “Seeing Jayson’s influence with his basketball skills alone and how that transcends his style is very humiliating to me…[and] knowing that people all over the world want the same haircut is surreal.

Another titular stylist, Saadiyah, is the living legend behind Allen Iverson’s larger-than-life hairstyles. She’s been on the set of commercials and magazines, and has traveled the world to make sure her iconic hair is presentable and well-groomed. Saadiyah recounts how his client opened doors: “Before cornrows, there was Afro, and Allen [Iverson] broke the glass ceiling by representing our culture, being himself and doing things his own way.

Terrence “Toot” Collins is an accomplished barber with an NBA and NFL clientele. He cuts the hair of Atlanta Hawks De’Andre Hunter and has been a mentor and friend. Collins shares, “I told him when he was 8 that he would be an NBA player… he would come to the store with a basketball.”

“De’Andre’s father has passed away and his brother Aaron, mother and sister have surrounded him with good, positive people.”

“The barber is really important to a person’s development,” Collins says, “not just their physical appearance, but especially their life.”

Anthony Gilbert is originally from Philadelphia and a graduate of Temple University. He currently writes for SLAM Magazine and is one of the founders of SOLE Collector Magazine. To pursue @axgilbert on Twitter and Instagram for his thoughts, inspiration and updates within and around the NBA.

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