Sydney woman who caught Covid after Joh Bailey’s haircut reveals symptoms

More than a month after contracting Covid-19, symptoms persist in 25-year-old Claudia Waitsman.

The eastern suburban woman caught the virus during a trip to Joh Bailey’s hair salon in Double Bay when the Deltra strain outbreak began on June 16.

Ms Waitsman told that she initially had no symptoms of the virus.

“I went to the hairdresser on Saturday, then I was told on Wednesday that I had to take a test and isolate myself. I started having a headache on Wednesday night, but I didn’t think it was related, ”she said.

“On Friday I thought I might have symptoms so I was tested on Saturday – which turned out to be positive.

“Once it hit, I was short of breath, my body ached, that kind of agony, a headache. It was like the flu or glandular fever. I lost my sense of taste and smell which I still haven’t regained almost a month later.

There are now 745 active cases of Covid in New South Wales after the state recorded 89 new infections on Tuesday, with 65 people hospitalized – including 25 under the age of 55.

Of those hospitalized, 18 in intensive care and four on ventilators, with just under a third of patients under the age of 55.

The highly viral Delta strain quickly spread from Bondi and the eastern suburbs to engulf most of the city. The main areas of concern are now in the south-west of Sydney.

Ms Waitsman, a real estate agent, said she was not surprised at how quickly the virus spread.

“It’s crazy,” she said.

“I was locked in my room, like completely in there, I did not leave. But somehow my dad caught it, it’s an absolute miracle my mom didn’t get infected.

“I even wore gloves to eat my food to try to keep it from spreading. “

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