STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the Pocket Community Theater

Nestled on a hill in the fabulous town of Hot Springs is this lovely working theater that has the best collective and comedic timing I have ever seen. Currently, the Pocket Community Theater, 170 Ravine Street, Hot Springs has a fantastic cast of six women performing STEEL MAGNOLIAS through April 10th. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door, but I encourage you to get it soon, because when word of mouth spreads about how funny and touching this production is, I don’t want you be repressed.

STEEL MAGNOLIAS, written by Robert Harling and directed by Ann Wilson, is based on six women and how they deal with tragedy through humor and friendship, and is set in a hair salon in northwest Louisiana. Shelby (Lilie Lim) has type 1 diabetes and complications after having a baby; M’Lynn (Christi Goode Day) is her mother who wants the best for her daughter; Truvy (Melony Martinez) is the owner of the hair salon; Annelle (Brittany Cranton) is the town’s new beautician; Clairee (Barbara Morgan) is the deceased mayor’s wife; and Ouiser (Linda Rickel) is the town curmudgeon. On Saturdays, they meet at the salon to have their hair done and talk about their lives. BWW Review: STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the Pocket Community Theater

These women have great chemistry, and the Friday night audience felt it. Lim actually beamed like she was a new bride, then a new mother. Her fragility manifested itself as she had bouts of diabetes, so much so that it was almost too much to watch without crying and look for a real doctor. Day was “strong as steel” as she helped and cared for her daughter throughout the play until the end when she crumbled for her loss. Martinez was charming as the one who gave the girls a place to congregate. She played well with Cranton, who had the most transformations to do in the room. Cranton was compelling as a painfully shy new girl who had a lot of mysterious history. Morgan was statuesque as Clairee and provided laughs when it was her turn. And sure enough, everyone thought Rickel was a hoot as Ouiser. BWW Review: STEEL MAGNOLIAS at the Pocket Community Theater

You still have one weekend to attend this play – April 8 and 9 at 7 p.m. and April 10 at 2 p.m. I love visiting this theater and can’t wait for my next visit. The Pocket Theater will have a Broadway Cabaret on May 21, 2022 and wrap up the spring season with Little Women June 3-5 and June 10-12. Watch their website or Facebook for more information.

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