Six-year-old girl donates her hair to children with hair loss

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Mila Garza has been growing her hair out since birth, so when she came to her mom and dad to ask him to cut it all off, they were shocked.

“It’s a special moment, that she came to see us and told us that she wanted to do that, donate her hair. It’s a big surprise though, coming from a six year old. don’t expect a six-year-old to make such a decision, ”said Mila’s father Robert Garza.

Robert says Mila has a strong connection to hair loss, having a father and grandmothers as cancer survivors. Although Mila’s family say cancer conversations can be difficult for a six-year-old, Mila is a special little girl who understands how important it is to help others.

Six-year-old donates hair to children with hair loss.(KCBD)

“She just took it upon herself, really. She just wanted to do something good for another little girl. So we are happy for her and we will support her and our family support her, ”said Robert.

Petra Clary is the owner of Petra Hair Design in Lubbock. She says hair loss can greatly affect a person’s confidence, so with a wig, many people can find that sense of consistency that the disease seems to take away.

“It brings a sense of normalcy. I don’t know why hair is so important, but it really is. It really makes you feel like a human again. You don’t see the disease, ”said Petra.

Mila encourages other children to donate their hair and help another child. “You should donate your hair, because you have a lot of it. “

If you’re interested in donating hair, Petra says they’ll accept any type of hair as long as it’s at least 8 inches. There is no additional cost to donate, just come to the salon and pay for a salon haircut. The stylist will take care of the rest.

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