Salon owner sells his business to a “worthy” hairdresser for R14

A salon owner in New Haven, Connecticut, USA sold his estimated hair salon to an employee for $ 1 (R14.52). Pio Imperati, 79, gave hairdresser Kathy Moura, 32 a chance and hired her straight out of technical high school 15 years ago and since then they have “grown like a family”.


Imperati told local media The New Haven Registry that it was one of her dreams to give the hairdressing salon to “someone worthy”.

“She’s a good hairdresser, a good barber, she’s very nice. I sold it to him for $ 1 to keep us friends, ”Imperati said.

Moura, however, will have to pay rent in her seventies, but she forgoes the costs of buying the business at market value and paying for the equipment – and most importantly, she will have a client base that has grown over the years.

Imperati started in the hair business 56 years ago and has worked in many places and forms, according to the Associated press. His first business was a hairdressing salon in 1965. Now the tables will be turned – Imperati will work for Moura as an independent contractor at Pio of Italy Hair Studio four days a week to take care of his regular clients.

“No one would hire me because I had no experience,” Moura said, explaining how she ended up working for Imperati. She called a teacher and asked for help, so she was given the barber’s number. Imperati and his wife gave him a try and eventually offered him a permanent job.

“We grew up as a family… This is how he treats everyone who walks into the living room,” Moura said. “Everyone who works here wants you to thrive and become something of yourself.”


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