Rochelle Humes returns to ultra long hair after showing off choppy cut at Fashion Awards

It’s been all week for Rochelle Humes and her hair.

After teasing fans with a snap of several inches of her freshly cut locks on the floor, she stepped out on the red carpet at the Fashion Awards 2021 with a fresh and blunt mid-length style.

The presenter and mum-of-three wore a stunning dress with a loose tulle skirt, offset by black ball gloves, as she showed off her new hairstyle, freshly styled by her go-to hairstylist Jay Amir-Nazemi Afshar.

However, just hours after her red carpet appearance, Rochelle had made a long haired comeback as she was seen wearing what we assume to be clip-in extensions or a wig as she headed for a day of work. job.

Rochelle teased her Fashion Awards cut, left, but made a comeback with long hair, right, after her red carpet appearance

“So for the record, it’s not just glamorous and prom dresses, perfect faces and perfectly groomed hair,” she told her 2.2 million Instagram followers via Stories.

“This is really me, last night was an appearance hence all the pictures I post because it doesn’t happen too often.”

“It was so nice to do a real red carpet and get dressed, it was so fun,” she added. “But today I come back to that. “

Red carpets aside, we’re sure you’ll agree that Rochelle still looks quite glamorous without makeup and with a beanie on.

Rochelle Humes
Rochelle Humes cut a lot of her hair for the 2021 Fashion Awards

The news comes as an ITV source revealed to OKAY! that the star is looking to replace Eamonn Holmes on This Morning because “the bosses love him.”

“This Morning knows how much viewers love Ruth and Eamonn, but they all want to champion new talent and be more representative,” they said.

“She always impresses when she replaces Holly and has a great working relationship with the team. She’s exactly the kind of person they see as the future of the show.”

Looks like we might see even more of Rochelle on our TV screens in the future!

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