Pakistani man’s opinion on bridal makeup sparks debate

A Pakistani man has sparked a debate after tweeting his opinion on bridal makeup in the country.

In Pakistan, brides are often seen with heavy eye shadow, false eyelashes and extravagant blush.

Although many brides go for this look on their wedding day, a man named Khurram didn’t feel the same way.

He had called bridal makeup “absolutely awful”, saying “subtle” looks are much better.

The Twitter user wrote:

“Pakistani bridal makeup is absolutely awful.

“The overdone bun, thick liner, eyelashes, blue lenses, sparkly eyes, red makeup is so ugly.

“Natural subtle glam looks so much better, but these anarkalis aren’t ready for this discussion.”

The tweet went viral, receiving over 2,900 likes.

It also sparked a debate, with many giving their opinion on the matter.

Many told Khurram that it was not up to him to decide how a woman would look on her wedding day.

One said: “Every woman is different. Some feel comfortable with heavy makeup while others do with lighter makeup.

“Some feel confident in these dull hair dyes while others do it in their natural hair color. It’s not up to you whether it’s ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly.’

Another told him: “Let these anarkali do what they want and you men mind your own business.”

A third replied: “A man shouldn’t give his opinion on how a woman does her makeup for the bride.

“It’s her big day and it’s entirely up to her whether to go for a natural or heavy look.”

A fourth person commented: “You are entitled to your opinion.

“Everyone has different preferences and while you might not like it, someone else might.

“Let people wear whatever they want. It’s the bride’s big day. If that’s what makes her feel good, so be it.

One said heavy makeup is a Pakistani tradition, writing:

“All their life, they wait for that day, to prepare like that.

“They are first asked how they want their makeup to look, it’s solely their choice.

“Most of them are just following tradition and yes, that makeup and those dresses are Pakistani wedding traditions.”

The user then agreed that subtle makeup is best, but said it’s a woman’s personal preference, adding:

“I myself think I would go for the simplest wedding, the simplest in every aspect, but that’s how I want it to be, I can’t pontificate about it on the internet.

“So if you want your bride to have this subtle makeup, give your opinion only to her and leave the anarkalis alone.”

Others agreed with Khurram’s opinion.

“If you see how makeup is done in the media, you will be shocked.

“Not just for the bride, all the makeup used and done is outrageous.

“Layers of foundation and powder, blush, eye makeup, false eyelashes, false eyebrows, hair extensions, etc. The price poor women pay to be beautiful.

Another pointed out the possible problems associated with heavy bridal makeup.

“It perpetuates a harmful mindset.

“The bride is made several shades lighter than her actual complexion, her eye color is brightened, and all of her features are oddly contoured.

“Being the standard of beauty is very reflective of our society.”

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