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Murders in the Building Season 2 updates only: Selena Gomez talks about “Only Murders in the Building” Season 2, her first Grammy nomination and her new music. I have some exciting news for Selena Gomez fans. It looks like the superstar will be releasing new songs shortly. Gomez assured us that it won’t take that long. She said it won’t take long.

“And that’s all I’m going to say about it,” she laughs. What a musical year it has been for Gomez. The Grammy she first received was for her album Revelacion.

Gomez said she cried because it was special for her family and her legacy and not just for her. She also said that she worked really hard to make it sound as real and authentic as possible. It was a lot harder to make than any other album I’ve ever made. And it was not easy.

The wardrobe of Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building Season 2

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“Although her new album is in English, Gomez said that she would continue to record in Spanish: she also said that it was not a problem at the moment but that there was always a possibility for it. three actors play Upper West Side apartment neighbors trying to solve a murder. Gomez said it was cool to see how the show, seasons 1 and 2 changed his life.

Plus, her character Mabel made an impact on her personality in no time. If anything, she exudes a greater level of intellect. His style improves over time. She’s really cool. I cut my hair. So it’s a whole new start for Mabel.

Gomez claims that series founder John Hoffman began sketching out ideas for Season 2 where Mabel was imprisoned with Charles (Martin) and Oliver (Short) during the first season, which ended with she bent over another corpse.

Gomez said: Another season was heard as well, but then John came up with ideas and it became a plan. She also said that when she read it she was shocked at how different and awesome it was. They did a fantastic job coming up with a fresh plot.

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