One-and-a-half-year commitment Langley girl, 7, donates hair to cancer patients – Aldergrove Star

It elicited an emotional reaction from both grandma and mom when seven-year-old Averie Janzen jumped into the salon chair to get her 12-inch haircut.

For many, going to a hairdresser is a routine experience, but for Averie it hadn’t been for a year and a half – but it was part of Averie’s commitment.

“She and her mom were talking about one of their family members who had cancer, and I guess the conversation got to where some people lose their hair when they get cancer,” Grandma said. Linda Colpitts.

“I decided I wanted to donate my hair for wigs,” Averie replied after Grandma.

So, for a year and a half, the Fine Arts student devoted herself to growing her hair to donate to cancer patients.

“It was a bit difficult to manage,” Averie recalls.

“She had [her hair] a little because it was almost down to his waist, ”Colpitts added.

When the time came on August 19 to cut it, Averie was ready. Colpitts remembers her granddaughter “chatting” with the stylist, when she and mom had a very different response.

“We were both moved watching her because it was such a selfless act and for all the right reasons,” Colpitts said. “In fact, I was overwhelmed. I am very, very proud of her and her hair was beautiful.

Averie wasn’t emotional during the haircut, but she felt different afterwards.

“I felt very proud of myself,” she said. “I felt like my hair was lighter.”

After cutting their long locks, the family packed the hair and mailed it so it could be made into wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair during treatment.

“I want to do it again,” Averie said of her hair donation.

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