‘Octopus Cut’ hair trend: The layer-loving, celeb-approved trend is taking over TikTok

With each passing year, there is bound to be a plethora of haircuts that the style puts forward. And just like clockwork, it’s only a matter of time before the beauty-conscious cotton can don and try the trend themselves.

For 2022, there seems to be a general theme of low-maintenance manes – and who can blame us, after almost two years of never leaving the house, the motivation to heat up a curling iron is non-existent.

Luckily, there’s a new trend for keeping our hair up-to-date, without the hours spent sweating in front of a mirror.

Introducing the ‘Octopus Cut’, the layer-loving cut for those not ready to commit to the infamous ‘shag’, and no, it has nothing to do with marine life.
The trend was first predicted to climb the popularity charts by Pinterest, during their annual “Pinterest Predicts Report” in December 2021. The image-sharing site has revealed that the “octopus cut” will one of the “most requested styles at the salon by Gen Z [in 2022]“, especially since the style was born on TikTok.

Before you freak out, there’s nothing marine life related to this haircut other than the shape. One look at whoever’s wearing the style — hello, Kaia Gerber — and it’s easy to see where the cut got its name. Resembling the sprawling creature, the silhouette of the haircut features a rounded head shape that resembles an octopus body.

For the rest, the base length of the “octopus cut” looks a bit like the legs of the animal in the fanciest way, of course.

We’re going to let you in on a secret, it’s actually not this different from a shag – in fact, think of it as a cross between a shag and a “wolf cut”. Essentially, it’s an extreme version of the style, except the ends of the hair are left on the longer side.
As we have seen through the “Fawcett Flip” and the “Bottleneck Bangs”, beauty trends are cyclical. And for the “octopus cut”, it’s no surprise that the trend made the rounds of the 60s and 70s.

For a quick explanation on the cut, the areas between the short and long layers are cut out to create the shape. On top, these layers will conform to the shape of the head to create a plump feel, but will taper lower down and turn around at the tentacles.

Basically, if your mane is thinner, the look may need some extra attention with layers to create the dramatic shape. As for knowing how to style the “octopus cut”, it may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have been blessed with abundant curls, then consider yourself even luckier than usual. People with curly hair don’t need to go overboard when styling their “octopus cut” because their natural waves, curls or curls will do the heavy lifting for them. But that doesn’t mean our fine-haired friends need to worry, just add a reliable texturizing spray to give your locks a helping hand and let the haircut do the rest.

If you care about styling your mane, we suggest using a round brush when blow-drying. For the top layers, curve the brush downward to create fullness in the crown. For the ends, use the brush to bend or flip them to create movement in the layers.

Thinking of paying homage to what’s hidden in the deep blue? Scroll for all the ‘Octopus Cut’ inspiration you need.

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