Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s Daughter Bella Shares Rare Selfie and Shows Off Short Haircut

Nicole Kidman’s eldest daughter, Bella Kidman Cruise, is rocking a new short. The 29-year-old entertainer, who Kidman adopted from her marriage to ex-husband Tom Cruise, debuted the new look on Instagram, posing for an artistic selfie while wearing a floral dress and standing in a neon tunnel.

Bella simply captioned the pic, “rainbow,” possibly in reference to the 2007 Radiohead album. Her followers certainly loved the new look, with one commenting: “How fabulous!” and another adding, “You look great!” Bella has chosen to live most of her life out of the spotlight, as has her younger brother Connor, 27, who was also adopted by Kidman and Cruise during their 11-year marriage.

Bella sticks to primarily sharing her art on Instagram, but has otherwise maintained a largely private life in London, marrying husband Max Parker in 2015 and launching a clothing line called BKC — her initials — in 2018. Kidman said entertainment tonight at launch, she found her daughter’s new venture “very exciting”. The Oscar-winning actress added, “I think it’s a great way to express [yourself] and Bella is also a beautiful designer. She always knew how to draw.” When asked if the love of fashion runs in her family, the star replied, “I don’t have a fashion line, but I think the love of [style] definitely does.”

Kidman was adamant about respecting Bella and Connor’s privacy after her divorce from Cruise in 2001. When asked about her relationship with her children after the separation of the Impossible mission Hollywood Foreign Press Association star in November 2018, Kidman replied, “I’m very tight-lipped about it all,” as the Aussie reported Who Magazine. “I have to protect all these relationships,” she added. “I know 150% that I would give my life for my children because that is my goal.”

Asked about her children’s choice to continue practicing Scientology like their famous father, Kidman continued, “They are adults. They are capable of making their own decisions. They chose to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s my job to love them.”

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