New NFT Collection Called “Kewtiee’s” Encourages Good Mental Health

Kewtiee’s NFT drop on March 11, 2022 on Opensea represents good sanity

“Kweetie’s” is a collection of 114 unique NFT artworks by MsJAG. It depicts the artist coming into contact with his inner personality during the recent pandemic.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 7, 2022 /–“Kweetie’s” are a collection of 114 unique NFT (non-fungible token) artworks that draw inspiration from MsJAG. The artwork depicts the artist coming into contact with his inner self during the recent pandemic, and will be deposited on the Opensea NFT Marketplace on March 11, 2022.

What is a Kewtiee? In the words of the artists:

“KEWTIEE stands for Killing Evil With Taking in Enabling Energy. Wide-eyed, whimsical, wholesome and unconstrained, the Kewtiee collection represents all that is good in the world.”

Each Kewtiee NFT is made up of several possible traits, including background color, hair color, hairstyle, clothing color, earrings, eye color, lipstick (rare), and color skin.

MsJAG has an interesting background story on why they named the collection Kewtiee’s.

“It hasn’t escaped me during these multiple pandemic shutdowns that there has been a lack of quality television and film programming. It’s abysmal. Box office hits have been reduced since March 2020, and the real Bona fide successes have been rare, and far between.

Of course, a good film and television production does not necessarily require a big budget. Personally, I love and need more “Ted Lasso” and “My Octopus Teacher,” but I find myself drawn to shows like “Animal Kingdom” and “You,” and movies like “Old” and “The Power of the Dog”. This latest series of shows is just here to literally screw your mind and desensitize you to bad deeds. No matter the outcome, you know that a morally challenged person or persons will prevail and it will not phase you.

So I can admit to spending the last few years watching shows that have inadvertently or intentionally tried to leave me morally bankrupt. But I’ll have to blame that on the aforementioned lack of decent programming. I ended up changing my everyday reality bit by bit as I found myself physiologically using my new corrupt TV knowledge on other people I didn’t like. I also kept watching the same kinds of shows and movies and correctly predicted all kinds of indignities or death at the end, and to whom. Alas, I also did not get any psychological or emotional relief in my professional work with sick clients.

After a few months, in July 2021, I turned to my art as therapy. It helped tremendously. Becoming a creative again helped me discover the happiness I had before the confinements.

Through my art, I have found my inner personality of whimsical health and light-hearted happiness. I named it KEWTIEE, which stands for Killing Evil With Taking in Enabling Energy. A Kwetiee believes that all is well in the world. She is the unaffected of my affected self.”

Can you understand the story of MsJAG? If you can, get your own unique Kewtiee on Opensea. Five percent of every Kewtiee NFT sold will go to the charity. There is a limited number of 114 Kewtiee to drop with no two being exactly the same.

Release date: March 11, 2022 on Opensea.

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