Netherthird’s Grace to Brave Shave for Cancer Charity

One of Netherthird’s longest-haired residents is about to brave the shave to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support – in tribute to his sister who is battling blood cancer.

On Friday, July 23, Grace Nichol, a member of the board of directors of the Netherthird Community Center, will radically change her hairstyle to raise funds for the charity after her sister, Pearl, was diagnosed with the disease.

The 70-year-old says the nurses at Macmillan have been “very good to her” and that although the disease is terminal, “she is doing better than most.”

Grace told The Chronicle, “My sister was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of the year. It is still there but it does not hold well. I can’t go down to Kent where she lives because my eyesight is so bad. and I’m waiting for an appointment for the cataract.

“There is nothing they can do for her. Her daughter, Beth, died of cancer at the age of 18, as did my two best friends. I have had a few deaths recently with a friend as well. Cancer is rampant. The least I can do is do this.

“I was protecting myself during the pandemic and I was stuck at home. I hadn’t spoken to anyone face to face. The older generation is not used to talking to people on the phone, I am used to talking to people face to face so I found it difficult and then she was diagnosed. It was a terrible year.

She continued, “If I wasn’t feeling well, she would just tell me to call her during the night. She doesn’t sleep well and is in pain sometimes and I kept saying, I feel rotten, you got cancer and I’m at the end of my rope but she said there is nothing I can do about it, that she had accepted it so I have to do it too. She’s doing better than me anyway.

“She’s happy to come home. During the last few moments, I didn’t think she would come home as she is having her last batch of chemo which makes her sick, but all the while she is still receiving treatment.

“I send a package every now and then with treats like tablets and macaroons, whatever she can’t find there.”

Although Grace hasn’t had her hair cut in five years, she’s looking forward to a shorter “make”.

She added, “I don’t care if I’m bald or if I go half an inch, or who sees it. I do not care. If I can do this for the Macmillan Cancer Nurses, I will.

You can support Grace by going through the center to sponsor her.

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