Mom mortified at having to wear an adult diaper – until partner shows hilarious support

A new mom has managed to ease her worries of wearing an adult diaper thanks to her caring husband.

Patrick Chase Champi and his wife welcomed their baby girl into the world in early June and the new parents documented the trip on TikTok.

In a video he posted three months before the baby was born, the future dad revealed how he supports his other half.

Writing from his wife’s perspective, he captioned a video: “When you tell your husband you’re not sure if you should wear diapers after birth.”

Diapers can be essential for new moms because they bleed a lot while healing after a cesarean or vaginal birth.

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Patrick’s wife worries about wearing diapers after giving birth to daughter

Patrick was eager to show his wife that she can be comfortable around him – so he decided to wear the diapers too.

In the clip, viewed over 5.3 million times, Patrick walks out of the bedroom and poses in a postpartum diaper.

He walks to the kitchen and pours himself a glass of wine while winking at his wife.

Patrick continues to trust the diaper while serving dinner in the kitchen.

The topless daddy then finishes it off with a twerking session on the couch.

But Patrick reassured her that it's okay to wear an adult diaper and he showed her the best way to polish it.
But Patrick reassured her that it’s okay to wear an adult diaper and he showed her the best way to polish it.

Viewers praised the new dad for standardizing the wearing of postpartum diapers.

One of them wrote, “Now he’s a hell of a good mate! Fam, take some notes.”

A second stressed the importance of getting support for new mothers, she said, “The support is real and helps a healthy mental life.”

A third suggested that Patrick be named “Husband of the Year”.

Meanwhile, a mom was exhausted from sleeping in a crib with her son and decided to make a “clone” of herself to make her son believe she is still in the room.

She put her hair extensions around a plush monkey toy and placed it on the floor and covered it with a blanket, but it left her husband in a panic at night.

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