Modacrylic Fiber Market Review, Major Manufacturers, Business Opportunities and Forecast [2021-2031]

Global Modacrylic Fiber Market: Overview

Modacrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber, which is strong, soft, resilient and dimensionally stable. It can be easily dyed, exhibits good press and shape retention properties and dries quickly. They display exceptional resistance against chemicals and solvents and are not infested with mites, mold and are non-allergenic.

Modacrylic fiber is inherently flame retardant. Although it is flammable when exposed to direct flame, it does not drip or melt and automatically extinguishes when the flame is removed. This makes it suitable for manufacturing high performance protective clothing as it provides flame resistance along with other desirable properties such as soft feel and durability. Other uses for modacrylic fiber include clothing liners, paint roller covers, carpets, fur outerwear, area rugs, workwear, and hair in wigs.

The fiber-forming chain in modacrylic fiber is a long chain of synthetic polymers, which is composed of at least 35% and less than 85% acrylonitrile units by weight. Other resins used in the manufacture of modacrylic fibers are vinyl chloride, vinyl bromide or vinylidene chloride.


Modacrylic fiber is either wet spun or dry spun. Due to its low softening temperature, modacrylic fiber can be stretched, molded and embossed into special shapes. Additionally, the fiber can be produced with desired heat shrink capabilities. The mixture of fibers of different shrinkage on the surface and the application of heat results in fibers of different lengths that look like natural fur.

Modacrylic fiber requires care for prolonged use. Although dry cleaning or fur cleaning is recommended for long pile garments, machine washing in warm water is suitable for washable items.

Global Modacrylic Fiber Market: Overview

Modacrylic fiber has become the most sought after material used in many industries. It is soft, strong, strong and dimensionally stable. In addition, it dries quickly, is easy to dye, exhibits good pressure and form resistance, has exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents, is non-allergenic and is not attacked by mold and moths. . It is widely used in protective clothing such as firefighting suits for its flame resistance, durability and good textural properties.

The modacrylic fiber market can be categorized on the basis of application into upholstery and household fabrics, protective apparel, animal hair (synthetic fur/faux fur), hair fibers, and industrial fabrics.

The report provides a detailed analysis of drivers and restraints in the global modacrylic fiber market. It also offers an overview of the different market segments and regions.


Global Modacrylic Fiber Market: Key Trends

Based on the application, hair fiber is the major contributor to the growth of the global modacrylic fiber market. This segment is expected to grow further during the forecast period. Due to its hair-like characteristics, modacrylic fiber is widely used in hair extensions, wigs, and other hair accessories. Modacrylic hair fiber has an edge over others because of its myriad benefits. These are easy availability, ease of dyeing, ability to withstand heat, and allowing the fiber to be curled or styled on wigs easily.

Additionally, modacrylic fiber has chemical resistance properties and is used in some types of industrial filtration, where it retains its strength even in concentrated acidic/alkaline environments. The fiber also finds application in clothing liners, paint roller covers, area rugs, fur outerwear and rugs.

On the contrary, modacrylic fiber fabrics have low absorbency, known to build up static electricity, prone to retaining oil stains, melting and decomposing in fire. This factor can limit the growth of the market to some extent.

Global Modacrylic Fiber Market: Regional Overview

Based on geography, the global modacrylic fiber can be segmented into Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The modacrylic fiber market is witnessing lucrative opportunities in Asia-Pacific, and this region is also expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. The reason for the growth in Asia-Pacific can be attributed to factors such as rapid growth in industrialization and developing economies. Another aspect of market development is growing concerns and industrial regulations for employee safety. Several industries are now turning towards modacrylic fiber protective clothing, thereby driving the growth of the market.

The Middle East and Africa is another promising region for the market. Developing infrastructure and high demand for hair fibers for various applications are a few factors fueling the demand for the global modacrylic fibers market.

Global Modacrylic Fiber Market: Key Markets

This TMR report profiles leading players of the global Modacrylic Fiber market based on various attributes such as company overview, business strategies, recent development, and financial overview. Some of the major competitors in the market are Fushun Huifu Fire Resistant Fiber Company Limited, Zhangjiagang Hengfeng Textile Company Limited, Ltd, Nantong Xufeng Textile Industrial Company Limited, Zhejiang Wangzhuo Knitting Co., Kaneka Corporation, Shanghai Changjie Textile Company Limited, Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corporation, Ltd, Fushun Rayva Fiber Co. and Jiangsu Blue Peacock Chemical Fiber Co.


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