Mélanie Da Cruz unveils her new haircut, this radical change charms internet users

20 November 2021

Mélanie Da Cruz accused of being with Anthony Martial for her money, she reacts. And if we talk to you about the young woman in this article, it is for something else entirely … It turns out that Mélanie Da Cruz decided to cut her hair, which was rather long. She wanted to remove all the blonde to regain her natural color. The young mother therefore has a long bob and now she is brunette, as you can see below! On Instagram, she then wrote: “It’s the first time I’ve cut my hair so short, it’s also been 16 years since I’ve seen my natural color all over my head.”

And Internet users quickly reacted to this hair transformation. Among the comments posted, we read: “But I love it, it’s incredible (…) Sublime! Femme fatale (…) It suits you too well (…) Nah but Mélanie is too much, you put everyone in agreement ❤️the best (…) Omg it suits you very well you are beautiful ❤️ ”.

The reality TV contestants also reacted. This is the case of Laura Lempika who commented: “Too too too too too beautiful”. Coralie Porrovecchio, she wrote: “Too beautiful”. Anaïs Camizuli posted: “Canon”. For his part, Anthony Martial, her husband, commented: “A candy”. This new haircut is therefore unanimous! Otherwise, Mélanie Da Cruz explained why she had not participated in Dressing VIP by Maeva.

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