Megan Moroney proves she’s destined for stardom with stunning performance in Grand Rapids

Something special happens when you see an opening set from someone destined for bigger things. There’s no word for it, but you recognize the feeling when it happens. This is the moment when a silence falls on a room of strangers who witness an artist in the making who gives the best of themselves. Like seeing a shooting star, the uniqueness of the moment is undeniable. There will always be other shows, but for the people in that room that night, it will always be the night the performer on stage became someone they knew.

On July 23, that moment came to Megane Moroney at Elevation inside The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while serving as Chase Matthew’s direct support.

Moroney is new to the country in almost every way. “Wonder” was released in February 2021 and his debut EP, Pistol Made Of Roses, arrived in July 2022. Without the backing of a major label or team, Moroney found success by taking a largely DIY approach to his rise through the genre. hierarchy.

His songs succeed on the quality of the material and not on the promotional push that works overtime to make people aware that they exist. Any success she has is hers, and it’s earned through hard work that largely takes place away from the public eye.

For the uninitiated, it’s hard to recommend any song from Moroney’s catalog more than “Hair Salon.” Co-written by Moroney, alongside Ben Williams and Micah and Mackenzie Carpenter, the track pays homage to the chaotic highs and heartbreaking lows heard in a beauty salon. It’s the kind of slice-of-life storytelling that catapulted genre stalwarts Kasey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert into stardom, delivering relatable moments in time that seem lived-in rather than made-up.

All people in West Michigan knew of Megan Moroney when she took the stage was that she stood between them and the night’s headliner, Chase Matthew. It’s a thankless position for any artist, especially an opener for someone with a rabid following. Still, Moroney quickly tamed the rowdy crowd with only an acoustic guitar at his side. A hush fell over the crowd as they perused a short catalog of material, as well as two covers (including an incredible rendition of “Strawberry Wine”). It started with the women, who could be seen ignoring their dates’ attempts to strike up a conversation mid-verse, and then spread to everyone. When she finished “He Made Me Do It,” a song about a wronged woman pleading her case in front of a judge, even the most alpha male in the crowd was paying attention.

“I swear I’m not one of those crazy girls,” laughed Moroney midway through the set. “I love telling stories.”

None of these stories resonated with the crowd more than “I Love Me,” a recent single with great radio potential. The stomping and clapping track offers an uplifting story of self-love in the face of heartache. Moroney swears to love herself in hopes that she can stop seeking that love and affection from others. She knows her worth, and after her set ended that night, so did West Michigan.

See photos from Megan Moroney’s performance in Grand Rapids below.

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