Meela Belle’s Shop Goes to $1,000 Within a Week of Launching Online

Straight and Classy, ​​Body Wave Boss and Deep Wave Goddess wigs, modeled.

Meela Belle wears the Body Wave Boss wig.

Straight and Classy, ​​Body Wave Boss and Deep Wave Goddess wigs, modeled.

Online retailer Meela Belle’s Boutique offers a range of hair and beauty products and recently launched a new range of luxury wigs and hair extensions

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA, USA, May 13, 2022 / — Meela Belle’s shop – the online store offering luxury products for all types of women – is delighted to announce the launch of Belle’s Boutique Extended product range, a selection of luxury wigs and hair extensions available go shopping today.

Shop customers have been blown away by the luxury wigs and hair extensions so far, with five styles available and each customizable down to density and length. Within a week of the initial online release, the online store reached an impressive $1,000 in sales.

In addition to hair products, Meela Belle’s boutique offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories at affordable prices as well as professional media and design services.

“In the face of adversity, perseverance is your most powerful weapon. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals as long as you take one step forward, big or small. The front is the front. Founder and CEO, Meela Belle, talks about her personal mindset towards growing e-commerce as well as the attitude she hopes to inspire in her customers.

“Good hair can be worn for any period of time, looks good and feels good to the touch. On the other hand, luxurious hair contains luxury in every strand, is thick from root to tip and have a natural shine. When you’re ready to go from ‘good’ hair to ‘luxurious’ hair, visit Belle’s Boutique!” says Belle.

About Meela Belle’s Shop

The online store was founded by Jameela Dorsey, who goes by Meela Belle professionally. Belle is a media influencer, artist, and entrepreneur based in the DMV area.

To learn more about Meela Belle’s Boutique and their new line of hair products, Click here.

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