Love Island 2022 RECAP: Fans are all saying the same thing as Gemma Owen responds to Ekin-Su’s ‘PATRONIZING’ comment

Davide FINALLY addresses his age gap with Gemma – and fans aren’t impressed

Tonight’s episode saw Davide and Gemma finally address the elephant in the room.

Ever since he and Gemma got to know each other, viewers at home have been waiting for them to talk about the fact that he’s 27 while she’s only 19.

And it was Gemma who started the conversation.

She asked Davide if it “bothered” him or not.

“How do you feel about the fact that I’m much older than you and you don’t mind?” Davide asked Gemma.

She replied, “No, that’s not a problem for me at all – if it was, I wouldn’t have wanted to know you in the first place. It’s not something I’m not into. used to it or that you are the only one.”

“For me that’s not a problem, I actually think you might be more mature than me,” joked Davide.

Fans at home were shocked that Davide had known about the big age gap all this time – and took to Twitter to react.

“Davide asks if Gemma is worried about their age difference? Bro, why aren’t YOU worried?” a fumed.

Another added: ‘He just said AGE GAP not a problem? Wait there – just wait there,’ alongside a police car emoji.

“OK so he knows she’s 19 and he’s ok with the age gap?” a third said alongside a sick face emoji, while a fourth added: ‘Disgusting’.

Fans had their say when Davide and Gemma finally addressed their age gap1 credit

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