Lil Nas X has already won the 2022 Grammys

Photo: Getty Images for The Recording Academy

If we learned anything from Lil Nas X Montero promotion is that this man does nothing by halves. Since its release, this album has given us an elaborate poster campaign, a multi-part film Maury episode, a Satan-sponsored sneaker drop, a series of incredibly exciting music videos, and two jaw-dropping award show performances. So there was no way Lil Nas X didn’t have a show in store for tonight’s Grammys, where he’s nominated for five awards.

True to form, Lil Nas X’s stunts began before he even hit the red carpet, when he tweeted an old photo of himself to announce he had already “arrived.”

When he did to enter, she was, of course, covered in diamonds and pearls. Dominating his fellow musicians on dizzying platforms, he wore a quilted white Balmain suit with jewels outlining the armor-like design. Butterflies are embroidered on her chest and sleeves, and the whole thing is topped with blue eyeshadow, grilles, and high hair. Did you expect less?

Lil Nas X then took the stage to perform “Montero” and “Industry Baby,” where he opened a shimmering, shimmering black cape as tweets and TV clips about his controversial album flooded the screen behind him. He stripped down to an ornate silver crop top for “Montero” before he and his backup dancers reunited in military-inspired jackets. Even Jack Harlow, who joined the onstage choreography for “Industry Baby,” got into the Lil Nas X spirit with little sparkles on his lapels and pants.

Lil Nas X is also up for a bit of industry-backed endorsement tonight — he’s nominated for five awards — but it’s safe to say that tonight is already a slam dunk for Lil Nas X.

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