Libra Hair Guide: The best haircuts, colors and more

Balance season has arrived, and it promises to be as loving, social, and level-headed as the air sign. We’re ready for a little more fun after Button Up Virgo season, no offense. To celebrate the season, we wanted to give a little something special to all of our Libra lovers. What better way to prepare yourself to spend your time in the spotlight than sharing a Balance Hair Guide? From the best hair cuts and colors to hairstyles and even accessories, we’ve highlighted everything Libra needs to know about her hair. Keep in mind that this can also apply to your rising sign, as it governs your appearance (among other things). Get ready for a whole new look, Libra!

Best haircuts for a Libra

The right haircut can make you feel like you’re ruling the world. For you, Libra, these cuts will help you live a life of romance, peace, and more.

Waist locks

You like to feel feminine and romantic, then long hair will help you to live this fantasy. Keep your hair flowing to your waist. If your hair is currently short, add extensions.

The seashell

The Shullet is the hottest cut right now. A mix between a shag and a mullet, it’s perfect for you. Not only is it the most important thing in the hair, but you also won’t have to make a decision between getting the shag or the mullet – you can have both.

The Lob

The lob is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style just like you. Again, it offers a bit of balance by sitting between a bob and a cut that’s longer than the shoulders. You can always shorten it or let it grow, depending on your mood.

Face framing layers

You tend to have a very symmetrical face, more so than any other zodiac sign. Show it off with framing layers that will accentuate the silver shot. Plus, if your curtain bangs have grown out, they can easily be made into longer layers. Yes, we know you had curtain bangs – you’re a Libra for screaming out loud.

Best hair colors for a Libra

Once you have the perfect fit, it’s time to change colors to one of the best shades for your sign.

Blond Champenois

You are a little social butterfly who can make anyone smile. Because you are so bubbly and bright, a pretty champagne blonde will accentuate your positive attributes. And what drives a party more than champagne? Well… only you, Libra.

Rose gold

There is something about rose gold that screams romance. With a touch of pink, this shade will make your romantic comedy fantasies come true. You already wear your heart on your sleeve so now it’s time to wear it on your hair.

Caramel Chocolate Balayage

Rich and decadent, this balayage is reminiscent of the best dessert after an incredible date night. You will always feel sweet with chocolate and caramel swirling through your hair. It lightens even darker shades which can really knock you off.

Ombré Copper

Copper is one of those colors that we will soon see everywhere. Stylists agree, it’s about to be the number one color trend of the year. You’re always in fashion, Libra. Give this warm shade a chance.

Best hairstyles for a Libra

You have the cuts, you have the colors, now is the time to choose the best hairstyles for your zodiac sign. You really want to focus on romance and balance with your styles. We have found four hairstyles that really sum up the two.

Soft Glam Waves

The waves make you feel like the goddess that you are. Add some sparkle to your favorite waves by adding a little soft glam to them. Hairdresser Jesus guerrero (aka the mastermind behind Ariana Grande’s hairstyles) can even show you how to get the look with her tutorial here.

Romantic side braid

Braids only scream Libra for some reason. There is something about them that is so balanced and romantic – two things that you are, too. A soft side braid is a great way to dress up any evening look. You can even wear it when shopping or working out at the gym to remind others that you are the main character.

Little bread

Buns are another staple of evening hairstyle. They can be dressy, dressy and show off your flawless face. What could be better?

Anything that has a middle part

We know this is not a specific style, which means it gives you plenty of options to choose from, which is overwhelming for you. Just know that anything that has a middle part will look good on you. Even if you wear your hair naturally, secure your middle part and you will be good to go.

Best hair accessories for a Libra

You can never go wrong with one hair accessory… or two or three. We know you love to add your accessories, Libra. To help you make the decision-making process a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.


When you want long, luscious hair that runs in a castle, add in extensions. The length looks good on you, so always make sure you have extensions in your beauty drawer.

Hair Bows

Nothing adds a romantic touch to a hairstyle like a hair knot. You can throw them on any half up half down look you try or even add them to your buns.

Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips are perhaps the biggest trend in hair accessories right now. So Libra, being the trendsetter that you are, you have to wear these clips all the way through your locks.

Hair Scarves

True to the trendy theme, hair scarves are everywhere these days. They will help you live out your cottagecore fantasy and complement any hairstyle perfectly. When you don’t feel like styling your hair, put on a scarf. It’s that simple.

Now that you know what’s best for your hair, it’s important that we tell you what to avoid. This is the worst hair color for your zodiac sign!

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