LaSondra Johnson testifies on deadly Waterloo shooting | Crime and courts

She returned to her car and got on the passenger side, but was unable to close the door.

“The door is moving back and forth because they were trying to get into the vehicle and Chris is trying to stop them,” Johnson said.

“I took my gun to protect myself. I shot it in the air so they could get away from my vehicle, ”Johnson said. She said she was not aiming and intended to shoot away.

She said she felt remorse for what had happened.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to shoot anyone.”

Christopher Harrington also spoke on Wednesday, who said Johnson was under attack when she fired.

“After they broke up for the second time, I opened the passenger door and put LaSondra in the car. … Jada always comes to pick up the truck, ”said Christopher Harrington.

After the shooting, said Christopher Harrington, he drove off through construction sites because the SUV was partially blocked by other parked cars.

“It was the only way out,” he said.

Christopher Harrington testifies at trial on Tuesday, September 22, 2021.

Jeff Reinitz

The defense also called a neighbor who was smoking a cigarette outside at the time of the fight. The neighbor, who did not know the identities of those involved, described seeing a group of women attacking a lonely woman and her boyfriend while trying to pull them away from her.

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