Khloe Kardashian fought with her hairdresser over her latest hair look

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Khloe Kardashian posted a new set of Instagram photos, in which she has one of the most perfect buns we’ve never seen.

Of course, his benchmark hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons was behind the elegant and polished see. Andrew posted a series of photos on his own Instagram, writing simply: “Ladies and gentlemen, a bun”.

Khloe then commented on Andrew’s post, jokingly writing: “Hahahahaha shut up” and “We fought for this bun.”

While Khloe’s comment didn’t reveal who was for and who was against the bun, we can imagine it was a joke.

In addition, the the bun looks amazing. So, to the one who was against: sorry, but you are wrong.

One user wrote: “People don’t understand the real task of making it super stylish !!! “Good job” – and it’s true.

If you have already tried an elegant bun, you will know that it is almost impossible to do without bumps. To get a polished updo probably would have required meticulous brushing and some hair gel or hairspray with super strong hold.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, Andrew revealed that Schwarzkopf’s got2b Glued Bblast Freeze Spray, £ 4.29, is one of his go-to products, so we’re guessing he had a role here in making Khloe’s hair super smooth.

To get that polished finish without flyaways, we recommend pairing your hairspray with a toothbrush. Yes, it seems like an unlikely tool, but toothbrushes are commonly found in celebrity hairstylist kits, thanks to their ability to allow for greater precision when straightening the front of the hair.

I have no faith in my ability to create something as perfect as Andrew’s work, but I will do my best. And if you see me with a lumpy bun, mind your own business.

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