Kenneth Niedermeier’s Most Memorable Flashbacks

90 Day Fiancé star Kenneth Niedermeier loves sharing throwback photos on Instagram. Here are some of the cutest moments he shared with his kids!

Only a privileged few 90 day fiancé the cast members are loved as much as Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio and fans have loved the memorable comebacks Kenneth shared on social media. The couple were first featured on 90 day fiancé: the other way season 2 and quickly became fan favorites due to their compatibility. But just because the two have great chemistry doesn’t mean their lives have always been smooth. The couple faced many issues throughout their journey on The other side. There have been a lot of ups and downs, mostly because Kenneth and Armando are a gay couple in Mexico. While Armando is 31, Kenneth is 57. Despite the striking age difference, this never became the reason for their problems.

The biggest problem in their relationship was the disapproval of Armando’s parents. Still, Kenneth and Armando’s relationship was a breath of fresh air. Their relationship wasn’t about cat fishing or the usual cheating. It was about being together and was magnified by the tragic past of the two. During the show, Kenneth left his big happy family for a new life in Mexico. He said goodbye to his triplet daughters and son for being with Armando and Hannah. The Mexican native also hid his relationship with Kenneth from his family.

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That’s why when the two finally told the family, it was a shock to them. Despite the family’s disapproval, the couple stayed together and got engaged. The next big problem came when their application for a marriage license was denied. But the couple quickly gained approval after the long wait due to the pandemic. Their relationship started on a sweet note as their two families attended their wedding. All this and more is planned 90 day fiancé: the other way season 3. The upcoming season will likely cover everything that happened just before their adorable wedding. Meanwhile, Kenneth is doing the fans a favor by posting some of the best family photos on his Instagram.

Kenneth and his four children

He posted this photo showing everyone a glimpse of his days as a young dad. Kenneth titled the photo as “Party like it’s 1999 see my kids have ice cream !! Guess I should have been more worried about my hairstyle!“In the photo, Kenneth and his kids can be seen having ice cream, and supposedly it’s 1999. A lot. 90 day fiancé fans loved the cute pic leaving comments like “Kenny! You are the best. I love you and Armando,” and “Wow !! Look at this young Kenny. You were hot back then, but I have to say you are even hotter now.

Kenneth with his three daughters

The next comeback image is from 1998. The 90 day fiancé star Kenneth is having a mini drink with his kids. He looks dashing in his blue collar shirt while wearing black sunglasses. Kenneth captioned the image as “#tbt to 1998 with my daughters … one of the two times I went with black hair. “Kenneth might not like it, but he’s actually quite handsome in the return photo. Most fans seem to find the image adorable. One fan commented on the photo,”Please explain to me how Benjamin buttons you so well.

Young Kenneth from 1985

Finally, this one takes everyone back to the ’80s. Kenneth captioned this Instagram post as “My ’80s game was on the verge you think?“This photo was taken in 1985, so Kenneth must have been 21 here. 90 day fiancé viewers fell in love with her style and younger appearance. One fan said: “You sounded like some legitimate 80s jargon lol.“Another commented,”You give me Freddie Mercury vibes (blonde ambition)!While some fans think Kenneth and Armando’s story is boring, many are anxiously awaiting to see the couple on the 90 day fiancé spin-off on Sunday, August 29.

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