Kate Middleton Hair Cream 25% Off Black Friday

Fortunately, Kate Middleton’s hair product of choice has just been added to Black Friday sales. Her favorite conditioning cream is the secret to taming flyaways and preventing frizz whatever the weather.

We have said it before and we will say it again, the Duchess’s hair should have its own Instagram account because surely she is the woman with the most coveted shiny lengths in the world?

And while the Duchess is famous for her big, bouncy brushings created with the best hairdryers, it seems there’s one finishing product she can’t live without to create unparalleled shine and smoothness – Kiehl’s Cream. Stylist Series with Silk Groom.

Ahead of her tour of Norway and Sweden in 2018, Middleton hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker posted a photo that detailed the full hairdressing kit she packed for the Duchess of Cambridge. And the flagship product was this Kiehl’s conditioner cream.

Of course, everything the Duchess uses immediately fly off the shelves – from her £ 10 hairbrush to her favorite Kerastase shampoo. Not to mention how fans go wild for one of her hair transformations – whether it’s curls shaped on a Disney princess or a straight poker hairstyle using the best straighteners.

The same goes for this Kiehl’s revitalizing cream. Filled with jojoba oil, silk powders, as well as soy and wheat protein to strengthen strands, this is a 2 in 1 nourishing and styling product in one.

Add a small spoonful to your fingers and smooth it over the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair. This product does not need to be washed off and will be absorbed into your hair for Duchess-worthy condition and shine.

Kiehls cream to the silk groom

(Image credit: Kiehls)

If you want to invest in other similar products from the Kate Middleton approved brand, there are many other hair care products that you can try out.

Kiehl’s Black Friday sale takes place throughout the store, which means there are hundreds of items that are much cheaper than usual. Here are some of the best deals they have right now on their most coveted items.

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