Kanye West’s new haircut worries fans about rapper

Kanye West showed off his new haircut after officially changing his name to “Ye”. Not surprisingly, this sparked a conversation on social media and some fans have expressed concerns about the rapper’s mental health.

After Kanye shares the pic of her new hairstyle, many are wondering what that means, while others are busy trolling the rather bizarre look of the singer from Donda.

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A look at Kanye West’s new haircut

A few hours ago today, October 18, 2021, Kanye, now known as Ye, shared the above photo on Instagram.

He simply wrote in his caption, “¥”, while revealing his new hairstyle.

For the unpaid, ¥ is a currency sign used for the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan when writing in Latin characters.

The haircut was not given a name and the rapper also did not explain why he chose the given style. But, patches of missing hair on his head make fans wonder if he is okay because it seems strange to them.

Fans react to Ye’s new hairstyle

Kanye has once again become a subject of trolls and memes on Twitter as his new hairstyle seems to have left people hanging out.

But, many of his fans urged others not to make fun of the rapper by pointing out that the odd haircut could be the result of a nervous breakdown. One user even compared it to Britney Spears’ infamous seizure when she shaved her head.

A tweeted, “Isn’t it the exact haircut Britney gave herself that put her under guardianship?”

Another added, “People need to stop making fun of #KanyeWest. The man is bipolar, he is mentally ill. The weird masks, name changes and terrible haircuts are a sign that he is having a manic episode and is in need of medical help / management.

“This man needs prayer. because that’s not it RT @TheShadeRoom: OHKAY! Kanye West showing off his haircut ”, wrote another.

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The rapper officially changes his name to Ye

Kanye had filed a petition in August 2021 to change his name citing “personal reasons”.

According to Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court approved the request today, October 18, 2021, to officially change his name from Kanye Omari West to just Ye.

The rapper mentioned his new name on Instagram and Twitter, but his grips still show his old name.

Kanye first talked about changing his name to Ye through a Tweeter in 2018. He wrote, “Being officially known as Kanye West, I’m YE”

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