Kanye West trolled after debuting bizarre new haircut

Kanye West and his wacky ideas have often divided fans. While some may see him as a genius, others think he is losing him. And now he’s reigniting the debate with his bizarre new haircut.

On Monday, October 18, the rapper, who just had his request for a legal name change to Ye approved, took to Instagram to launch his new hairstyle. He posted a photo of his head from behind, showing the ragged locks of hair broken off by large sections of bare scalp.

Ye simply captioned the snapshot with “¥”, which is a currency sign used for Japanese yen and Chinese yuan when writing in Latin characters.

As designer Yeezy didn’t explain why he chose the haircut, some people expressed confusion over his bizarre style.

“Sheesh,” one commented on the post. Another asked, “Wtf is that cut brah (sic).” A baffled user also asked: “BRUDER WAS IST DAS”, while another noticed “Wtf Kanye”. Against the style, a fifth commentator wrote: “Who told him it was a good idea?”

Another laughed at the hip-hop star, “Kanye let his kids cut their hair again.” Someone else claimed, “Someone screwed Kanye with their head up,” while another jokingly speculated: “Kanye lets Stevie Wonder cut her hair for a sample. If you see this Stevie, I’m sorry. Another compared the haircut to a “patchwork”.

Meanwhile, others saw Kanye’s bizarre haircut as a sign of his nervous breakdown. “Isn’t it the exact haircut Britney gave herself that put her under guardianship?” one pointed out, referring to Britney Spears having sadly shaved her hair during her public collapse in 2007.

“If it’s really Kanye, he’s got real mental issues,” said another after seeing the photo. Someone suggested, “They really have to put him under guardianship.” Showing the same concern, one person noted, “This man needs prayer. because that’s not it.

Another also sympathized with Kanye: “People have to stop making fun of #KanyeWest. The man is bipolar, he is mentally ill. The weird masks, name changes and terrible haircuts are a sign that he is having a manic episode and is in need of medical help / management.

However, a few think the haircut is cool. “I love the cut!” said one. Another speculated, “Watch people start cutting their hair like this now…” Someone claimed, “This haircut is being FREE @kanyewest release.”

Another attempted to explain what the haircut symbolizes: “Kanye West changing his name from slave to Ye, plus his new hairstyle to go with it, is just a superior genius to be easily understood by most. it represents how the hair of the slaves was cut with razors to look like this, or it reminds black people how you (me / you) are still in bondage today.

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