Jaw dropping photo of Molly-Mae Hague teen emerges before surgery

Molly-Mae Hague is looking worlds away from her perfect look on Instagram as a photo of the young star has emerged.

The snap of the sweet teenager before any surgery and hair extensions was taken in a restaurant before she shot to fame on the ITV show.

Enjoying a night out in a red top and with amazing curly hair, fans quickly noticed that something hadn’t changed at all.

The Love Island star’s skin is totally flawless as she smiles for the camera.

In recent years, the much-loved reality star has taken major steps to return to her natural appearance after becoming ‘obsessed’ with trying to look older with fillers and other cosmetic procedures. .

Molly-Mae as a teenager before becoming famous

Molly Mae
She quickly became a flawless social media star

She ditched her long hair extensions and had the fillers dissolved in her lips and face.

She has discussed her relationship with cosmetic procedures, having had her lips plumped when she was 18.

The 23-year-old has explained how she found herself in a ‘vicious cycle’ which led to her having a ‘full package’ involving ‘God knows’ injected into her face after returning to the UK after his appearance on the ITV show in 2019.

Molly-Mae has opened up about how ‘awful’ she felt after having her cheeks, jawline and lips filled in Los Angeles, her ‘swollen face’ prompting a series of nasty comments from trolls who compared to an Xbox controller.

Molly-Mae Hague continues to show off her expensive lifestyle on social media
The star discussed her relationship with cosmetic procedures

“It looked awful. Someone took a screenshot of that video and it went viral. ‘What did Molly do to her face?’ was the response. I was mortified,” the former reality TV star wrote in an excerpt from her book obtained by the Sunday time.

“The reality was that my once sharp jawline had jowls hanging down below, my lips were lumpy, uneven and unnatural.”

She also opened up about her skin condition, which returned last month.

The influencer shared a photo of her arm as she opened up about her pigmentation condition.

“I actually can’t believe I woke up this morning to my pigmentation returning,” Molly-Mae wrote while on a trip to Spain.

“It took me a whole year to get rid of that last time. I didn’t put my arms out because I was so embarrassed.

“Actually, I can’t believe he came back. No idea what could have caused it.”

Molly then added: “I think the actual term for it is pityriasis versicolor.”

The disease, also known as pityriasis versicolor, is a common fungal skin infection that can cause patches of skin to change color.

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