Jasmine reveals the real reason she had plastic surgery

Jasmine Pineda answers burning questions about her makeover, from her implants, to her lips, to her nose, and reveals what Gino Palazzolo really paid for.

Jasmine Pineda got honest and said 90 day fiance fans about all of her plastic surgery procedures and how much she spent on them. Jasmine, a 34-year-old American teacher, rose to fame after 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5, which documented her relationship with Gino Palazzolo. After meeting on a Sugar Daddy website, Gino and Jasmine dated for nine months before meeting in person. Gino was so enamored with Jasmine’s beauty and intelligence that he paid for her teeth, hair, face, and lips while wanting to get engaged to her on his first trip to Panama City.

While Gino was unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was smart enough with his savings to support Jasmine. Fans began to speculate what Gino’s money really paid for and what procedures he funded. They suspected she had had her nose done, but while clearing up their confusion, Jasmine explained that the only surgery she had had was on her breasts in 2016. Jasmine paid $6,000 for them with her own salary from academic work in Panama. Due to her weight, skin and body type, Jasmine could only receive 500 cc implants.


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In his latest YouTube video, Jasmine sheds light on why she really did the breast augmentation and how it had to do with wanting a revenge body. “I was so skinny at the time that I was underweight, I was at risk, I was too skinny,90 day fiance Fan favorite Jasmine confessed. She worked long hours, ate poorly, and suffered from anxiety and depression. Jasmine asserts that there was no difference between a “man chestand hers, and after her ex-husband cheated on her, Jasmine broke up with him and started transforming. Jasmine said 90 day fiance fans that they could contact her for contact information for her plastic surgeon. Jasmine, who has lost her hair in her eyebrows and eyelashes and thinks her appearance is pale, has also had her makeup done permanently.

Jasmine first had braces when she was 14 and her mother paid $3,000 for her braces. But Jasmine wasn’t wearing her braces, so at age 30, her teeth were misaligned. This time the 90 day fiance the star spent $1,200 on her braces. She then lost a tooth in a motorcycle accident. Jasmine received a dental implant in Colombia and the whole trip cost her $1,300, including the treatment. Jasmine admitted that most of the criticism she gets is about her lips. But Jasmine’s lips were very thin. “I wanted to feel how it feels to have lipssaid Jasmine, who loves her big lips now. Jasmine has had her lips filled five times so far, and each time it has cost her $250. Jasmine’s lips were dark, so she has cosmetics tattooed. It cost Jasmine $180 and she did it four times. According to Jasmine, Gino only paid for her $100 hair extensions once, as well as the first time she did it. got his lips done.

Jasmine keeps telling her fans that she didn’t have rhinoplasty like the others 90 day fiance stars. But Jasmine is afraid of making extreme changes to her appearance, like a nose job or trick eyes. Jasmine spends a lot of money on her hair, which is thinning. Jasmine admits to crying after reading the mean comments she receives from 90 day fiance the viewers. But she also believes that fans deserve to have their questions answered and believes in the mantra of “What does not kill you makes you stronger,and Jasmine continues to earn praise for her honesty.

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