I went to the salon to get black ombre nails they look so bad people say they look like werewolf claws

NAIL FAIL videos have been doing the rounds on TikTok lately and here’s one you can’t miss.

Katy, an American cosmetologist, posted a video of her nails that had people hysterical.


Katy, a cosmetologist from Kentucky, USA, couldn’t wait to try out a new nail designCredit: kblairmua/Tik Tok
Katy chose this glamorous gothic design


Katy chose this glamorous gothic designCredit: kblairmua/Tik Tok
But she was disappointed with what she received from the salon


But she was disappointed with what she received from the salonCredit: kblairmua/Tik Tok

The twenty-year-old. who specializes in make-up, captioned the video: “I found this audio and couldn’t miss the chance”, she used the sound “literally crying for my nails right now”.

In the video, posted to her account, kblairmua, Katy showed off a photo of the nails she wanted – a set of stunning black ombre stiletto nails that faded to beige.

Kate had fallen in love with the glamorous Gothic nail design and hoped it could be recreated for her.

So, she went to the salon, but left rather disappointed with what she received.

I asked for brown nails with hearts but left the salon with armadillo claws
I asked for pretty nails with a heart design...it took three artists two HOURS

The nails looked completely different than she had imagined.

Although the concept is the same, with black tips blending into a beige color, Katy’s nails were drastically different.

first, the nails remained matte instead of glossy, which would have helped make the ombre look more faded.

On top of that, her fingernails were of different widths.

Viewers of the video were shocked by the nail design Katy received, with many comparing them to werewolf claws.

One viewer joked, “Pretty werewolf claws.”

“Oh mom teen wolf AHAHHHH.” Another person exclaimed.

A third person said, “Like a whole thousand-year-old vampire, just waking up from his grave.”

A fourth added, “If Remus Lupin got his nails done.”

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