I charge my clients £76 for HUGE eyelash extensions

An American eyelash technician has gone viral after sharing her creative work – but while some love them, others think the gigantic lashes look like spiders.

Lexis, from Maryland, USA, is a beauty expert who has taken the internet by storm with her unusually large and fluttery eyelash extensions.


Lexis’ lash videos have over 85,000 likes on TikTokCredit: Tiktok/@ohthats.lexiss
While her clients love the results, not everyone is a fan of the lashes


While her clients love the results, not everyone is a fan of the lashesCredit: Tiktok/@ohthats.lexiss

Although his client videos are watched by thousands of people, one such clip has taken the internet by storm.

In the video, which has been viewed by nearly 823,000 TikTok users, Lexis showed off one of her latest creations – an ensemble so thick it covered the client’s entire eyelid, with some hair reaching the brow area. .

This particular set, it seems, was similar to the one the lash guru charged $100 (£76) for.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Lexis seems to have a steady stream of clients asking for a similar look, as she often shares before and after clips with people who rock her bespoke bands.

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There are also many who have shown their support for the technology which frequently receives hate from online trolls, with many saying it is just doing its job.

“You realize this person asked and paid for her lashes to look like that, so obviously she likes them like that,” one viewer pointed out.

Another agreed, adding, “His other art is good, the girl asked for it. ”

However, not everyone shares the same opinion, as a few were convinced that most of her clients probably have trouble seeing through thick extensions.

“Even though she asked for this, I just know it’s unhygienic. You should have talked to him,” someone thought.

“So you seriously like to think it’s okay, like being honest,” wrote one reviewer, while a second commented, “Why do people think this looks good?”


”free my people from eyelash extensions [sic]’, asked a viewer jokingly.

Although his customers are willing to spend $100 for the floating set, trolls said they wouldn’t even consider paying $1 for it.

Others also suggested Lexis consider a career change, with one writing, “Maybe try being a nail technician…”

“These look HEAVY. the type of lashes that will knock your natural lashes out of the preset,’ one of the viewers warned.

Not everyone admired her work, with some comparing eyelashes to spiders


Not everyone admired her work, with some comparing eyelashes to spidersCredit: Getty – Contributor

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