How To Open Payday Loans Online

From now on, the National Institute of Social Security – INSS will have an additional mechanism to prevent fraud against retirees and retirees who request payday loan through digital media. that is, cell phones, computers and tablets. To do this, she developed an electronic signature for the title loans to become effective.

The entity has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institution for the Registration of Property, Documents and Legal Persons of Brazil (IRTDPJ-Brasil), by which a series of measures must be taken to combat fraud . In the process, the CPF can indicate whether the person applying for the loan is dead or not.

like electronic signatures It will be developed during a 120-day trial period, and in the meantime, it is estimated that 2.1 million electronic signatures will be performed per month. For those who will provide the payday loan in person, i.e. in branch, they will not need the electronic signature feature.

Unlock payroll credit online

The insured, whether retired or retired, is required to have a grace period At least 90 days Between the granting of the due date and the release of the payday loan. With this in mind, we must proceed as follows:

  • Once the credit is granted, the employee of the financial institution will publish the details and documents of the applicant’s contract in the IRTDPJ-Brazil system;
  • The system will automatically send a link via SMS, WhatsApp or even an email to the customer who requested the loan;
  • By clicking on the link, the applicant will be taken to a screen requesting biometric identification.
  • The next steps include submitting a facial photo, applicant data, among others;
  • After checking the submitted documents and data, the customer can press “Register”. The contract will automatically be available on the customer’s mobile phone for download.

Whenever a loan or any transaction is requested digitally, an electronic signature will take place Order and compare it to the customer’s biometrics. This is already happening with those who use, for example, Internet banking services.

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