How to Maintain a Humidity Blowout, According to Stylists

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POV: You got up 45 minutes early to perfect a bouncy 90s supermodel outburst, but you knocked it down at lunchtime, which sparked the rage inside. Amid July’s humidity spike, this scenario seems inevitable, but according to stylists, it doesn’t have to be. The secret? Hairpins.

On a recent date with the famous stylist and Dyson brand ambassador Matthew Collins, we learned that the trick to make any The last hairstyle is to let it set (i.e. cool) in whatever shape you want it to stay all day. To really help hold things in place, he, along with several other stylists we spoke to, suggests holding your curls with bobby pins until they cool down.

“While you’re drying your hair, take each individual curl, wrap it around with your finger, and secure it with a bobby pin,” says Courtney Resch, stylist and owner of ash lounge. This will hold your curls in place as they set, better preventing them from falling out during the day – and it’s worth noting that the trick works with everything from curls to barrel curls to the waves of the beach.

You can let your hair cool on its own or take it to the next level by giving each section a blast with your hair dryer‘s cool setting. The important thing is that your curls are held in place while they lose heat, which is where bobby pins come in. The key, according to Resch, is to allow the curl to cool as you wish it. If it gets cold while falling, it will continue to fall. “It’s tedious at first, but it seriously helps when the weather is humid or if you have trouble figuring out how long your rash will last,” she says.

Resch also recommends using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($49) which helps with volume, and Davines Medium Hold Hairspray to keep things locked in place. “Medium hold is still brushable, not crispy or harsh, and will maintain that bounce.”

So go get yourself a set of $3 bobby pins and get to work!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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