How to Blow Dry Your Hair: 5 Steps to Successful ’90s Blow-Drying

Who doesn’t envy the amazingly crafted hairstyles of ’90s models and style icons. Want to learn how to style your hair like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Silverstone…and just about every influencer today? today? It’s not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a hair dryer, thickening spray, rollers and pins, a barrel brush and some hairspray, and you’re well on your way to mastering the glam look. Still don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, consulted the expert hairdressers on Duck & Dry (London’s first blow-dry bar) to find out how to effortlessly recreate the look at home.

The first step

The fundamental first step to a good blow-dry is the base: your shampoo and conditioner.

Duck & Dry experts suggested avoiding deeply nourishing or heavy shampoos, conditioners or hair masks before styling your hair.

They said, “Use light products. We always use our Fine Feathers shampoo and conditioner which is specially designed to add fullness and body without weighing your hair down.

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Third step

For a full and bouncy brushing, it is essential to use a thickening volumizing spray that does not weigh down the curls.

Experts said: “There are a huge number of these sprays on the market to choose from and this is the key step that we never skip in our salons.

“Don’t be afraid to use products – you need them to add the fundamental hold your hairstyle needs while creating volume (both essential factors of long-lasting blow-drying).

“In our salons, we use our Mega Volume Brushing In A Bottle Spray every time you blow dry! It’s the key to a voluminous, bouncy and long-lasting hairstyle because it uses natural extracts of white nettle, ginseng and honey locust to lift the roots and create body while adding grip and light hold for lasting style.

“Just shake the spray of your choice well and spray evenly over the lengths.”

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Fourth step

It’s time to divide your hair into manageable sections using clips that won’t dent your hair.

The Duck & Dry team says: ‘Using a barrel brush, dry your hair in sections – pointing the hair dryer upwards away from your face.

“For better curl hold, secure curls with pins or in rollers.

“Allow your curls to cool for two to five minutes before blowing them out to ensure the most flexible, long-lasting blow-dry.”

Fifth step

Finally, loosen your curls or get out your rollers and brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

The stylists said, “Don’t be afraid to tousle your hair a little – it will inject more bounce and volume while softening the curls for that 90s blow-dry look.

“Spray hairspray lightly over your finished hairstyle from a distance to make your hairstyle more durable!”

Still dumb enough to create the style yourself? You can go to any hair salon and ask for a 90s blow-dry for advice.

The Duck & Dry team said: “If you need the practical knowledge of our expert stylists, come step outside our ‘Blow Dry Workshops’ as part of our DUCK & LEARN experience which includes a one-on-one blow-dry tutorial. blowing with one of our senior stylists so you can learn all the techniques yourself (there’s even a glass of prosecco involved)”

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