How ‘Pam & Tommy’ made Pamela Anderson believable

Inspired by a real hairstyle Ms. Anderson wore in court, he wanted his deposition to convey a spiky strength, which he achieved by adding a zigzag part and leaving straight tendrils around his face. “Harsh lines tend to put people on their toes a bit,” Mr. Moe said. “She was the one protecting herself.”

Knowing that the deposition scenes would involve close shots of Ms James’ face, make-up chief David Williams wanted her eyes to have a similar sharpness. In scenes that take place in nightclubs and at movie premieres, Pam’s eyeshadow tends to be heavy and dark, but here her black eyeliner was applied with a more precise hand, paired to a softer brown eyeshadow and a muted rosy brown lipstick. .

“We really want you to focus on the eye, because that’s where it’s all at, Lily,” Mr Williams said. “She does the job.”

Like Ms. Lennox, Mr. Williams and Mr. Moe have done detailed research on Ms. Anderson’s hair, makeup and facial structure. As well as a prosthetic chest plate, Ms. James’ daily makeover involved colored contacts, a dental piece and a forehead prosthesis meant to mimic Ms. Anderson’s upper hairline. (The team also experimented with a prosthetic nose, but rejected the idea because it didn’t look good from all angles and risked distracting viewers.) Mr. Williams and his team used contouring to enhance the look of prostheses, then walked in with period-appropriate makeup.

The hair, makeup, and wardrobe team’s desire for authenticity came to a head around the show’s “Baywatch” scenes. Ms. Lennox made several rounds of adjustments before nailing both the color and shape of Ms. Anderson’s signature swimsuit, which is low under the arms, high on the legs and low in the front. “The stakes were all that day because it’s not just on America’s mind, it’s in every country in the world. People to know “Baywatch,” Mr. Williams said, noting that he had never been so nervous about a shoot in his career. (A 3:30 a.m. phone call to his astrologer reassures him.)

The same way Pam is unmistakably on a beach in her bright red bathing suit, Ms. Lennox wanted her to light up the meeting room where her deposition is taking place. She dressed the lawyers in dark suits and ties so Pam’s pale teal suit stood out.

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