Hair Extensions Ripped Out, Kebab Shop Owner Beaten in Traveler Jibe Brawl

A brawl at a kebab shop which saw a woman have £ 350 hair extensions pulled off and the store owner brutally assaulted saw two men jailed.

Caprice Knowles was with her husband and their friend at the Istanbul Kebab Shop in Southport when a fight broke out against them, allegedly referred to as “travelers”.

The attack on kebab shop owner Sinan Sucan, 37, came after he tried to protect a man, who was being assaulted by the men in the group in the early hours of December 15, 2019.

Mr Sucan suffered multiple fractures to his right eye socket and head injuries after being punched and kicked by Knowles’ husband Andra Walker and Joseph Wilkinson, the Echo of Liverpool reports

Andra Walker was jailed for 22 months for his role in the brawl and assault on two men

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Mr Sucan was outside dealing with a delivery when he returned to find Walker and Wilkinson attacking Alex Jones, 28, who was already on the ground.

As Walker and Wilkinson attacked Mr. Jones, the victim’s girlfriend, Natalie Ledsham, was attacked by Knowles.

Ms Ledsham was beaten to the ground and her hair extensions were pulled out in the assault.

Joseph wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson (pictured) jailed for 20 months for assaulting kebab shop owner Sinan Sucan

Simon Duncan, continuing during Wilkinson’s hearing, explained how the incident started in court: “She (Ms Ledsham) called Caprice Knowles, Andra Walker’s partner, back, saying something like ‘did you a problem with me? “

“The man on the punching machine visible in the CCTV footage was heard saying ‘are you having a problem with my wife? “

“The violence started when Mr. Walker hit Mr. Jones; it resulted in a flurry of beatings, not only of Mr. Walker but also of this accused, Mr. Wilkinson.”

Mr Jones escaped any long-term injury and suffered only bruises and damage to his finger.

However, Mr Sucan’s eye socket was shattered and he ended up with a 3cm laceration above his eye with bleeding into the eyeball itself.

The court heard that Mr. Sucan suffered nerve damage and lasting pain and left permanent scars on his face.

At the sentencing hearing for Walker and Knowles, the court heard that a comment could have been made about the group being part of the traveling community, which was said to have been the reason for the brawl in the store.

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Knowles then admitted to being assaulted resulting in actual bodily harm and received a community order, which included an electronically monitored curfew.

Walker surrendered and was jailed for 22 months last December, but Wilkinson was only arrested this summer.

Wilkinson was jailed for 20 months, half of which he will serve in custody before being released on license.

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