Hair Extensions Review: This Transformation Changed My Life

Not only is my hair stupidly thin, the older I get it gets harder and harder to work with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been incredibly lucky in the past to have fun hair to style and color (I’ve had all of the rainbow hair colors!)

So, now was the time to build my confidence around my hair into a more natural look that I can keep versatile for styling too.

Then the Taylor Rose hair salon in London invited me to their salon just in time to try out their hair extensions.

Their new bespoke service means people can get more volume, longer length, and generally more hair to play with for the party style.

Something I needed since I was a teenager!

With massively reduced styling tools as Christmas approaches, including this mermaid hair wave at Beauty Bay, the huge Beauty Works bestseller falters at Look Fantastic with £ 21 off and tons more, now is a great time to try and strike a deal if you have hair extensions installed or if my experience gives you a boost to try them out!

The ‘Micro Ring’ method is given for a sleek and sleek finish with very natural results, which has been extremely important to me on this trip as I don’t style my hair too much on a daily basis. I wanted it to be as natural as possible.

I hated seeing this before the shot.

I never realized how thin my hair had become until I saw this.

I’ve always taken care of my hair, don’t get me wrong, but keeping a blunt cut has always been downright impossible for me.

So after discussing what thickness and length I was going to go with and how I wanted my hair to be styled after the extensions were applied, they got there.

The lovely Taylor Rose team were attentive and very friendly the moment I walked in.

Either way, I tend to feel pretty comfortable in these environments when I’m with a gang of women and put the world back together and laughing, so I felt very comfortable. when I got there as they all looked the same.

I decided the longer would be the better, as the extensions don’t use glue, wax, weave or tape to apply so they can tailor the longer ones to my needs for a thicker finish. .

The team of hair experts creates a tailor-made plan for each client, because everyone’s hair journey is different.

Gem gave me a full consultation and looked at my hair type and gave me the best tips for taking care of my hair – while the lovely girls brought me lots of coffee while I sat on the chair after 4:45 am to get to the living room.

While the extensions were being applied I was given a tutorial to watch on aftercare and learned so much: how to sleep in my extensions, products to use for best lasting results, practical drying tips. Everything I needed to come home and feel comfortable taking care of my hair properly.

Customers can order half, three-quarters, or full hair, ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches in length and from £ 480 to £ 620.

You can take a look at their site here to book a consultation or see more details

Here are the final results.

As you can see in the front photo, there isn’t really an incredible difference in length but in thickness and that’s all I’ve ever dreamed of.


I asked for the thickness and got it.

I asked for not too much thickness to make it look unnatural. and I have that too.

And the color match (which was done in the living room by day) was literal perfection.

People think extensions are my own hair – they couldn’t have done a more amazing job!

It’s an easy 5/5 rating for the service, hair, the day itself, and the follow-up I received.

I styled and dried my hair with my fabulous new Dyson Airwrap then just go through a few curls to finish with my styler and it’s honestly so easy to do.

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