Hair expert reveals how to care for your strands the right way to promote hair growth

Scalp expert and hairstylist Samantha King shared her tips for keeping your hair in the best condition possible.

Samantha is the CEO and Founder of King Hair and Beauty, who believes that the key to getting the hair of your dreams is to take care of your scalp first.

She told RSVP Live that people often don’t take enough care of their scalps, which can lead to problems.

“Your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face,” Samantha said. “You have to exfoliate and moisturize it the same way you do for your face.”

Exfoliation is something that can really help scalp health and hair growth, as well as being a gentle solution to dandruff.

Scalp exfoliation can be a soothing and stress-relieving way to invigorate the scalp. In this way, exfoliation can benefit almost anyone who wishes to do so.

There are many scalp scrubs on the market, but Samantha recommends the Alfaparf Gentle Scalp Scrub (€ 20.50).

“It’s very sweet and friendly,” Samantha explained. “You only use a small amount, lay it on your hairline and scrub it. I would recommend using a scalp scrub every three washes.”

Alfaparf Gentle Scalp Exfoliating Scrub (€ 20.50)

For those with severe dandruff, a more potent product may be needed. Samantha recommends the Nioxin Scalp Recovery System (€ 49.95) for people with very irritated and itchy scalps.

“It contains a soothing serum that works wonders,” she said. “Just put it on while the hair is wet and it calms any irritation.”

For Samantha, the most common concern she sees is oily hair. Unfortunately, in many cases there is no simple cure and it is just someone’s skin type. While many people with oily hair may be tempted to stock up on dry shampoo, we need to be careful which one we use.

“Aerosols are not good for you or the environment,” Samantha said. “Which includes dry shampoo. There are many popular brands on offer in these spray cans and they just aren’t the best. “

Samantha recommends a dry, loose powder shampoo, such as King Gold Dust (€ 12.95).

When you get to the root of the problem (no pun intended) then it is important to maintain the health of the hair itself. A good quality hairbrush is an integral part of this – and our Penneys hairbrushes unfortunately don’t cut it.

Jewel hairbrush (€ 14.95)
Jewel hairbrush (€ 14.95)

The best brushes are the boar bristle brushes, which are gentle on the hair and scalp and maximize natural shine. They have stiff bristles that help detangle without tearing the hair out. If you blow-dry your hair, it should also be ventilated to minimize heat damage.

Samantha recommends the Jewel Hairbrush (€ 14.95), which is her own creation. It has double bristles and a ventilated curved head and is suitable for all hair types.

“We were actually shocked at the quality of the brush for the kids,” Samantha said. “It’s so soft and it doesn’t get tangled, so it’s great for them.”

Moisturizing masks and oils, as well as thermal protectors, are also essential for keeping hair ends healthy and free from split ends.

Samantha and her team are available at their King Hair and Beauty pop-up store at The Square in Tallaght until Christmas for free scalp consultations. They also tailor their line of luxury hair extensions in store and you can check out their website. here.

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